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  1. What are the Fundemental Drivers of climate (3)?
    • 1. solar radiation
    • 2. atmospheric gases and particulates
    • 3. adiabatic processes
  2. Why do deserts exist?
    • Air near equator is heated and rises until it hits the stratosphere where
    • further heating ceases.

    Air below pushes the stratospheric air outward, north and south.

    Once air hits the stratosphere it continues cooling + flows north and south.

    cools enough to begin to sink.

    Asit sinks, warms and picks up water vapor, drying the environment.

    This occurs around 30o and 60 latitude, north and south.(deserts)
  3. what does vegetation do for local climate?
    decrease windflow

    increase humidity

    decrease temp

    moderates temp fluctuations
  4. Microclimates
    specific habitats.  climates on very small scale

    ex: burrows, litter, underbark, north facing side of tree
  5. Tropical Rainforest
    w/in 10 deg n and s of equator

    little temp variation

    +100mm of rainfall/yr

    nutrient poor soils

    high diversity of species/biomes
  6. Tropical Dry Forest
    btwn 10 and 25 deg n and s of eq8r

    6-7 months dry, 5-6 mo. wet season

    more nutrients in soil and more wind pollination than rainforests
  7. Tropical Savannah
    btwn 10 and 20 deg n and s of equator

    dry and wet season. wet = intense lightning and fires to kill young trees and let grasses grow

    low permeability of soil = pools of water for mgratory animals
  8. desert
    around 30 deg n and s of equ8r

    20% of land surface on earth

    dry as fuck least precipitation
  9. Temperate Grassland
    24% of earths vegetation, n america, europe

    deep fertile soils 

    used to be hella grazing heards
  10. Temperate Forests
    between 30 and 55 deg n and s of eq8r

    moder8 temp ample rain

    best temporate biodiversity

    fertile and rich soil
  11. boreal forests
    btwn 50 and 65 deg latitude

    long winter short summer

    summer temp exceed 30 deg winter lees than negative 70 celsius

    low soil fetility ,permafrost

    evergreen conifers
  12. tundra
    • dry and cold 
    • greater latitude than boreal forests
    • soggy summer ponds and streams
    • permafrost common
  13. mountains
    • Increasing elevation is analogous to
    • increasing latitude

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