Ch. 13c Nerve Plexuses

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  1. What is a nerve plexus?
    Areas/groups of spinal nerves that intersect and generally serve the same region.
  2. Cervical plexus

    ex: Phrenic nerve

    Function: innervates diaphragm, therefore its function is essential for breathing and life

    Application: Spinal cord injuries to neck are often lethal due to this issue
  3. Brachial plexus: C5-T1 Supplies upper limb and some of shoulder and neck.

    ex. Median nerve

    Function: innervates forearm flexor muscles

    Application: If muscles in neck are too tight, this can get compressed and cause a tingling sensation in hands when something is lifted over the head.
  4. Lumbar plexus: L1-L4 Innervates abdominal wall, anterior thigh, and genitalia.

    ex. Femoral nerve

    Function: Innervate muscles of anterior compartment of thigh

    Application: Damage can lead to loss of knee extension, loss of patellar reflex
  5. Sacral plexus: L4-S5 Innervates remainder of lower trunk and lower limb

    ex. Sciatic nerve

    Function: Innervates back of thigh, lower leg, and supplies sensation for these areas as well as the foot.

    Application: pressure on the nerve causes sciatica, inflammation of the nerve resulting in sharp pain

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Ch. 13c Nerve Plexuses
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Nerve plexuses
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