Biogeography 2

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  1. biological community
    assemblage of all of the species living in a given area.

    only 1 type or guild of organism (ex: seed eating birds)
  2. Species richness
    number of species in a community
  3. Species evenness
    relative abundance of species

    #individuals per species
  4. Species diversity
    combination of both richness and evenness
  5. Shannon-Wiener index (H')
    • measure of uncertainty.  How uncertain are we
    • about the next species we may encounter in a community?

    H' =0 ->community is composed of only one species (0 uncertainty as to the identity of the next individual encountered)
  6. alpha diversity
    given local area

    species diversity (richness and eveness)
  7. Β-diversity
    change in species composition over relatively short distances.  If habitat changes dramatically over the distance of interest, species composition will change as well.  This is most commonly seen as one goes up in elevation on a mountain
  8. ϒ-diversity
    total species diversity in a landscape

    • determined by the mean species
    • diversity in sites or habitats at a more local scale (α) and the
    • differentiation among those habitats (β).
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