Ch. 13d Spinal Cord

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  1. The spinal cord arises from the          at the                      , passes through the                            , and ends at about      
    • The spinal cord arises from the brain at the foramen magnum, passes through the vertebral canal, and ends at about L1
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    What is this cone-shaped ending of the spinal cord called?
    Conus medullaris
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    The continuing nerve roots of the lower spinal cord  is called the...
    Cauda equina (horse tail)
  4. What is the general term for the outer layerings of the spinal cord?
    • Meninges
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  5. What are the layers of meninges from superficial to deep?
    Dura Mater, Arachnoid Mater, and the Pia Mater
  6. Where the spinal cord ends what becomes of the pia mater? What is this called?
    The other meninges end, but the pia mater continues as a fibrous strand at the end of the coccyx. This acts as an anchor, and this extension is called the filum terminale
  7. What is a commissure?
    An area where axons cross from left to right, such as in the gray matter.
  8. What is the make-up of the gray matter?
    • Unmyelinated axons and somas of neurons
    • Posterior horn: Sensory fibers from dorsal root enter here and sometimes synapse with an interneuron
    • Anterior horn: Contains somas of somatic motor neurons
    • Lateral horn: contains neurons of the sympathetic nervous system
  9. What are the white columns made up of and what is their function?
    Myelinated axons, provides avenues of communication between different levels of CNS
  10. Ventral column tract direction
    Mostly descending, motor tracts
  11. Lateral column tract composition
    mixed motor and sensory tracts
  12. Dorsal column
    Ascending, sensory tracts
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