Geography river keywords

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  1. Hydraulic action
    The sheer force of the water hitting the bed and banks of the river. It is most effective when the water is moving fast and there is a lot of it
  2. Abrasion
    Occurs when larger load carried by the river hit the bed and banks, causing it to break off
  3. Attrition
    When stones and boulders carried by the river knock against each other and over time are weakened, causing bits to fall off and reduce in size
  4. Solution (erosion)
    Occurs only when the river flows on a certain type of rock, such as chalk or limestone. These are soluble in rainwater and become part of the water system as they are dissolved by it
  5. Traction
    The method used for moving the largest material. This is too heavy to loose contact with the bed, so materials, such as boulders, are rolled away
  6. Saltation
    Moves the small stones and grains of sand by bouncing them along the bed. This lighter load leaves the river bed in a hopping motion
  7. Suspension
    Is a means of carrying very fine material within the water so that it floats in the river and is moved as it flows
  8. Solution
    Is the dissolved load and occurs only with certain rock types that are soluble in rainwater. This is true of chalk and limestone and the load is not visible
  9. Precipitation
    Any source of moisture reaching the ground eg rain or snow
  10. Interception
    Water being prevented from reaching the surface by vegetation
  11. Surface storage
    Water held on ground surface eg puddles
  12. Infiltration
    Water sinking into soil/rock from the ground surface
  13. Soil moisture
    Water held in the soil layer
  14. Percolation
    Water seeping deeper below the surface (through bedrock)
  15. Groundwater
    Water stored in the rock
  16. Transpiration
    Water lost through pores in vegetation
  17. Evaporation
    • Change in state from liquid to gas
    • Water lost from ground/vegetation surface
  18. Surface run off (overland flow)
    Water flowing on top of the ground
  19. Throughflow
    Water flowing through the soil layer parallel to the surface
  20. Watertable
    Current upper layer or saturated rock/soil where no more water can be absorbed
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