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  1. What is ProLife?
    Opposing abortion
  2. What is pro choice?
    Having the freedom to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.
  3. When was the UK abortion act passed?
  4. What does the UK abortion act state?
    A woman can get an abortion up to 24 weeks into pregnancy, except in cases where the woman's life is at risk
  5. What is the Buddhist view on abortion?
    • That it is killing a life
    • That aborting a baby will bring you bad karma
    • Abolition is an act of violence that does not give the foetus rights
  6. What two things should a Buddhist try to do/be?
    • -compassionate
    • - practice ahimsa
  7. What is ahimsa?
    Non violence (Buddhist)
  8. What is the Christian view on abortion?
    • The bible says that life is scared and abortion is therefor morally wrong
    • The bible says it's wrong to kill
  9. Is the Roman Catholic Church for or against abortion?
    Against. The Didache says "do not kill your children by abortion"
  10. Under what condition do most religions allow abortion?
    If the mother's life is at risk
  11. What is the Hindu view on abortion?
    • Hindu scripture says that all life is sacred and must be respected
    • Those who carry out abortions are sinners
    • Killing a foetus brings you bad karma
  12. What is the Muslim view on abortion?
    • Seen as a necessary evil
    • Shari'ah law does allow abortion, but it is see as morally wrong
    • Disrespectful to destroy something that Allah has created
  13. What is the Jewish view on abortion?
    • Abortion is accepted as a medical reason but not to get rid of a foetus.
    • The Talmud points out that the foetus is part of the woman and not a human in its own right
  14. What are the four different groups in Judaism?
    • Orthodox
    • Conservative
    • Liberal
    • Reform
    • (Each have a slightly different view on abortion)
  15. What is the Sikh view on abortion?
    • Abortion is interfering with God's creation
    • All life is special and should not be harmed
    • Abortion is a form of murder because a human being is being created.
  16. What does quality of life mean?
    The standard at which a person lives their life
  17. What are the pros and cons of keeping a baby as opposed to aborting it?
    • Pro
    • Child is born and has a life with its natural mother
    • CoN
    • Mother may not be able to love the child properly or look after it
  18. What are the pros and cons of risking your own life to have a baby as opposed to aborting it?
    • Pros
    • Child might be born and live
    • Cons
    • The child may not have a mother (or her be seriously incapacitated)
    • Existing family may be effected by decision
  19. What are the pros and cons of allowing your baby to be fostered as opposed to aborting it?
    • Pros
    • Child is born with a chance of living with real mother at some point
    • Cons
    • Self esteem effected of a child who has given up
    • Confusing situation for all
  20. What are the pros and cons of giving up a baby for adoption as opposed to aborting it?
    • Pros
    • Child is born and looked after in a family that can, and will, care and love it
    • Cons
    • Child may want to find biological parent later and this will cause challenges
    • Mother may find it hard to give up her baby and has emotional attachment to it
  21. What percentage of abortions in enter UK happen after 20 weeks into pregancy?
  22. Why must an abortion happen before the 24th week of pregnancy?
    Beyond 24 weeks it is likely that a foetus would be able to survive outside of the womb
  23. What is prejudice?
    To pre-judge someone/something, usually without any real evidence to base that judgement on. In most cases this is a negative.
  24. What is the Buddhist view on prejudice?
    • Everyone should try and develop metta (loving kindness)
    • Everyone is equal and welcome in the sangha
    • Prejudice creates bad karma and has a negative effect on rebirth
  25. What is the Christian view on prejudice?
    • All forms of discrimination and prejudice are wrong as god created everyone equal
    • Jesus told us to love our neighbour
  26. What is the Muslim view on prejudice?
    • Discrimination is unjustified
    • The Five a Pillars apply to us all equally
    • Allah created everyone as equal but unique
  27. What is the Hindu view on prejudice?
    • Hurting others can lead to bad karma, which effects reincarnation
    • The atman (true self) is equal in everyone
  28. What is the Jewish view on prejudice?
    • Not compatible with Jewish law
    • G-d created everyone as equal and prejudice is therefor an insult to him
    • Torah encourages Jewish people to welcome strangers not persecute them
  29. What is the Sikh view on prejudice?
    • Sikhs should fight against unjust things
    • Those who love god love everyone (Adi Granth)
    • God is without caste (Guru Gobind Singh)
  30. Give two examples of where women are discriminated against in religion
    • 1) women cannot become priests under Roman Catholic law
    • 2) orthodox Jewish women may not sit with men or take part in synagogue services
  31. What is ageism?
    A form of discrimination against the age of a person. This can be anyone in any age group.
  32. What is sexism?
    A form of prejudice against someone's gender
  33. What is the general religious view on homosexuality?
    • They do not agree with homosexuality
    • Sex between two of the same gender is unnatural as it does not result in children
  34. What is racism?
    The belief that the colour of a person's skin, or their race, affects their ability
  35. What is religious prejudice?
    • When a person who follows a religion is targeted against because of how they act or what they wear.
    • For example, a Muslim woman wearing a Burka in public may get abuse shouted at her
  36. What is homophobia?
    Prejudice against people who are attracted to those of the same sex as themselves
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