ecology exam I set IV

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  1. -environmental stimuli that trigger a behavior
    -genetic, physiological, and anatomical mechanisms underlying a behavior
    proximate questions
  2. questions that focus on evolutionary significance of a behavior
    ultimate questions
  3. Fixed action plan is triggered by an external sensory stimulus known as
    a sign stimulus
  4. red belly of the intruding male acts as a sign stimulus that releases aggression in a male stickleback
    proximate cause
  5. chasing away other male stickleback, a male decreases the chance that eggs laid in nest territory will be fertilized by another male
    ultimate cause
  6. young geese observe their mother moving away from them and calling
    proximate cause of imprinting
  7. geese that follow and imprint on their mother receive more care and learn necessary skills, thus have a greater chance of survival
    ultimate cause
  8. animals movements that are under substantial genetic influence
    directed movements
  9. simple change in activity or turning rate in response to a stimulus
    ex. sow bugs becomes more active in dry areas and less active in humid areas
  10. behavior that causes a change in another animal's behavior
  11. reception of and response to signals
  12. 5 ways an animal communicates
    • visual
    • auditory
    • chemical
    • tactile
    • electrical signals
  13. chemical substance that animals communicate through
  14. type of communication lacewings use
    • auditory to find mate
    • hybrid of two different types couldn't produce the correct sound=no mating
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