Ch 13 Words Part 1

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  1. central nervous system
    • brain and spinal cord
    • CNS
  2. peripheral nervous system
    • nerves and ganglia
    • PNS
  3. neuroglia
    cells that support neurons
  4. blood-brain barrier
    barrier between the brain fluids and blood that protects from pathogens circulating in the blood stream
  5. stroke/ cerebral vascular accident
    • disruption of normal blood flow to the brain
    • CVA
  6. neurology
    treatment of disorders affecting the nervous system
  7. neurosurgeons
    brain and spinal cord surgery
  8. psychiatrist
    mental illness
  9. clinical psychologists
    mental health professionals trained in the treatment of behavioral disorders
  10. aphasia
    inability to speak
  11. cephalalgia
    • headache
    • generalized pain tin the region of the head
  12. convulsion/ seizure
    series of involuntary muscular spasms caused by uncoordinated excitation of motor neurons that trigger muscle contractions
  13. hyperalgesia
    excessive sensitivity to painful stimuli
  14. hypoalgesia
    deficient sensitivity to normal painful stimuli
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