Ch 13 Words Part 2

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  1. hyperesthesia
    excessive sensitivity to stimuli
  2. neuralgia
    pain in a nerve
  3. neurasthenia/ chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia/ dysphoria
    nerve weakness leading to generalized body fatigue
  4. paresthesia
    abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling
  5. polyneuralgia
    pain in many nerves
  6. syncope
    temporary loss of consciousness due to sudden reduction of blood flow to the brain
  7. agnosia
    • loss of the ability to interpret sensory information
    • “condition without knowledge”
  8. Alzheimer disease
    • gradual deterioration of the brain resulting in confusion, short term memory loss, and restlessness
    • AD
  9. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/ Lou Gehrig disease
    • progressive atrophy
    • of muscle caused by hardening of nervous tissue on the lateral columns of the spinal cord
    • ALS
  10. autism
    developmental disorder that varies in severity and is characterized by withdrawal from outward reality and impaired development in social conduct and communication
  11. Bell palsy
    paralysis of the fact muscles on one side of the face
  12. palsy
    muscular paralysis
  13. cerebellitis
    inflammation of the cerebellum
  14. cerebral aneurysm
    affects the arteries channeling blood to the brain, placing the brain at great risk of damage that would result from a burst aneurysm
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