Ch 13 Words Part 3

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  1. aneurysm
    circulatory problem caused by the weakened wall of a blood Bessel, resulting in a bulge in the wall that is in danger of bursting
  2. cerebral atherosclerosis
    gradual closure of vessels due to fatty plaques, reducing blood flow to the brain
  3. cerebral embolism
    moving clot in an artery of the brain
  4. cerebral thrombosis
    stationary blood clot in an artery of the brain
  5. cerebral hemorrhage
    condition of bleeding from blood vessels associate with the cerebrum
  6. hemorrhage
    loss of blood or bleeding
  7. cerebral palsy
    • condition from birth that causes partial muscle paralysis
    • CP
  8. cerebrovascular accident/ stroke
    • occurs when blood supply to the brain is reduced or cut off resulting in irreversible death of brain cells followed by loss of mental function or death
    • CVA
  9. coma
    general term describing several levels of abnormally decreased consciousness
  10. concussion
    injury to soft tissue resulting from a blow or violent shaking
  11. cerebral concussion
    cerebrum undergoes physical damage when it strikes the inside wall of the cranium
  12. traumatic brain injury
    • bleeding that can result in functional losses and death
    • TBI
  13. encephalitis
    inflammation of the brain
  14. encephalomalacia
    softening of brain tissue
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