Ch 13 Words Part 7

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  1. tranquilizers/sedatives
    used to calm down agitated and anxious patients
  2. narcotics
    produce stupor or induce sleep
  3. electroencephalography
    • records electrical impulses of the brain to measure brain activity
    • EEG
  4. epidural
    injection of a spina block anesthetic into the epidural space external to the spinal cord
  5. evoked potential studies
    • diagnostic tests the measure changes in brain waves during particular stimuli to determine brain function (sight, hearing, and other senses)
    • EP studies
  6. ganglionectomy
    removal of a ganglion
  7. lumbar puncture/ spinal tap
    • withdrawal (aspiration) of CSF from the subarachnoid space in the lumbar region of the spinal cord
    • LP
  8. magnetic resonance imaging
    • powerful magnets used to observe soft tissues in the body
    • MRI
  9. myelogram
    xray of the spin cord after injection of a contrast dye
  10. myelography
    procedure producing a myelogram
  11. neurectomy
    surgical removal of a nerve
  12. neurology
    study and medical practice of the nervous system
  13. neuroscientist
    one who participates in neurological research
  14. neurologist
    physician who specializes in neurology
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