Ch 13 Words Part 8

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  1. neurosurgeon
    surgical physician in neurology
  2. neurolysis
    procedure separating a nerve by removing unwanted adhesions
  3. neuroplasty
    surgical repair of a nerve
  4. neurorrhaphy
    suture of a nerve
  5. neurotomy
    incision into a nerve
  6. positron emission tomography
    • scan using an injected radioactive chemical to provide a map of blood flow within the body
    • PET scan
  7. psychiatry
    branch of medicine that addresses disorders of the brain resulting in mental, emotional, and behavioral disturbances
  8. psychiatrist
    physician practicing in psychiatry
  9. psychopharmacology
    drug therapy targeting the brain
  10. psychoanalysis
    psychiatric therapy to improve patients quality of life
  11. psychology
    study or science of the mind
  12. clinical psychology
    uses applied psychology to treat patents suffering from behavioral disorders and emotional trauma
  13. psychotherapy
    technique used in treating behavioral and emotional issues
  14. radicotomy/ rhizotomy
    surgical incision into a nerve root
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