Ch 13 Words Part 10

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  1. paranoia
    person experiencing persistent delusions of persecution resulting in mistress and combativeness
  2. phobia
    irrational, obsessive fear
  3. arachnophobia
    fear of spiders
  4. agoraphobia
    fear of public places
  5. phobophobia
    fear of developing a phobia
  6. posttraumatic stress disorder
    • individuals who have experienced mental strain or emotional trauma suffer from an acute condition that includes sleeplessness, anxiety, and paranoia
    • PTSD
  7. psychopathy
    general term for a mental or emotional disorder
  8. psychosis
    individual suffering from gross distortion or disorganization of their mental capacity, emotional response, and capacity to recognize reality
  9. psychosomatic
    • in some people their mind creates symptoms that suggest an illness when physical signs are absent
    • pertaining to mind and body
  10. schizophrenia
    • condition of split mind
    • characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and extensive withdrawal from other people and the outside world
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