Sped 418 Chap 8 Vocabulary

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  1. A disorder characterized by overt, aggressive, disruptive behavior or covert antisocial acts such as stealing, lying, and fire setting; 

    *contrary to what is accepted
    Conduct Disorder
  2. A disorder of mood or emotional tone characterized by depression or elation.
    Affective Disorder
  3. A disorder characterized by anxiety, fearfulness, and avoidance of ordinary activities because of anxiety or fear
    Anxiety Disorder
  4. What is Externalizing?
    • acting out behavior
    • ex
    • aggressive or disruptive towards others
  5. What is Internalizing?
    • acting-in behavior
    • ex
    • anxiety, fearfulness, withdrawal
  6. co-occurrence of two or more conditions in the same individual
  7. A disorder characterized by psychotic behavior manifested by loss of contact with reality, distorted thought processes, and abnormal perceptions.
  8. What is Aggression?
    behavior that intentionally causes others harm or that elicits escape or avoidance responses from others
  9. Define (a)Enuresis and (b)Encopresis
    (a) urinary incontinence (wetting one's self)

    (b) bowel incontinence (shitting one's self)
  10. An evaluation that consists of finding the consequences (the purpose), antecedents (the trigger), and the setting events (factors) that maintain inappropriate behavior.
    (FBA) Functional Behavioral Assessment
  11. A formative evaluation method designed to evaluate performance in the curriculum to which students are exposed
    (CBM) Curriculum Based Measurement
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