SOCI 1125

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  1. Collective conscience
    comprises the common sentiments and values that people share as a result of living together
  2. Profane
    refers to the secular, everyday world
  3. Sacred
    refers to the religous, transdecent world
  4. Totems
    Items that symbolize the sacred
  5. Rituals
    Practices designed to connecr people to the sacred
  6. Routinization of charisma
    Weber's term for the transformation of the unique gift of divine enlightment into a permenant feature of everyday life
  7. Church
    A beurocratic religious organization that has accomodated itself to mainstream society and culture
  8. Secularization Thesis
    Theory that religous institutions, actions, and consciousness are on the decline worldwide
  9. Fundamentalists
    People who interpret their scriptures literally, seek to establish a direct, personal relationship with the higher being(s) they worship, and are relatively intolerant of non fundamentalists
  10. Revises secularization theory
    Theory that worldy institutions break off from the institution of religion over time.
  11. Ecclesia
    State supported churches
  12. Denominations
    various streams of belief and practice that some churches allow to co-exist under their overarching authority
  13. Sects
    Groups that usually form by breaking away from churches because of disagreement about church doctrine LED by charismatic leaders
  14. Charismatic leaders
    Religous leaders who claim to be inspired by supernatural powers and whose followers believe them to be inspired
  15. Cults
    Small groups if people deeply commiteed to a religous vision that rejects mainstream culture and society
  16. Religiosity
    Degree to which religion is important to people
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