COBOL Final Exam

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  1. What utility was used to sort files on the Marist Host?
    • dfsort
    • virtual storage access method
  2. 3 types of VSAM files
    • entry sequence data set (esds) (sequential)
    • relative record data set (hashtable)
    • key-sequence data set (ksds)
  3. what is a cluster
    made up of ksds, index set, sequence set
  4. sequence set
    part of the index component that points directly to the data
  5. what is CI and a CA
    • ci is the percentage of each control interval to be left free for insertions
    • ca is the percentage of control intervals in each control area to be left empty.
  6. T/F duplicates are allowed for an AIX?
  7. What error code did you need to try an achieve for an AIX
  8. dd
    • data descriptor
    • alternate index
  9. what dd do you need to include in the JCL for your Indexed file if it has an AIX
  10. What is the OPEN mode of the SALESPERSON file for PCS2PRG1
  11. evaluating values contained in  88 clauses
  12. what is COBOL's version of a switch statement?
  13. what should be the status when performing an ADD?
  14. what should be the status when performing an DELETE?
  15. What is the cobol verb that will actually remove a record from a KSDS
  16. Describe the steps required to process a DELETE transaction
    salesperson number from the transaction copybook to the salesperson copybook then issue the delete
  17. how do we get the CR picture to appear on a RETURN
    • value has to be negative.
    • multiply by -1
  18. verb last used to process a RETURN
  19. what is file status 23 and how many appear in the transaction log
    • trying to add to somebody that you have already deleted
    • 4
  20. difference between the SELECT statement use in PCS2PRG1 and PCS2PRG2
    one is sequential and the other is processed randomly
  21. what should be done to the alternate key prior to using the START verb, if the alternate key is alphanumeric?
    • move NO VALUE to it.
    • if it is numeric then move ZEROS to it
  22. List the 5 conditions to test when doing a double control break program (what did you code for the EVALUTE WHEN statements)
    • eof
    • first record
    • main control break
    • secondary control break
    • regular line
  23. T/F By default the CALL statement passes data by value
    • False
    • passes by reference
  24. Which program (Caller/Callee) is the Linkage section coded in?
    callee (sub program)
  25. Which program (Caller/Callee) is the keyword USING used in?
    • both
    • call using
    • procedure division using
    • ON EXAM
  26. What element # was designated for variables in the Linkage Section?
  27. SQLCA
    • SQL Communications area
    • keeps a state of your program as it's running
  28. When do the variables in the SQLCA get refreshed?
    • after each EXEC SQL cmd
    • most important is the SQLCODE
    • e.g. open cursor
    •       close
  29. when programming a DB2/COBOL program, when would you use a cursor?
    when you have multiple results coming back
  30. What EXEC SQL verb is used to obtain a row from the results found in a cursor?
  31. What mechanism indicates there are no more rows to process
  32. DBRM
    • Database request module
    • output of the preprocessor 
    • generated by the compiler
    • contains all stuff that the EXEC SQL is doing and stores it in the database
  33. db plan
    executable equivalent of the DBRM
  34. SQLDA
    • SQL Dynamic area
    • used for dynamic quires
  35. underscores in a variable name
    • _ EXEC SQL cmd
    • - cobol variable
  36. describe the number and purpose for each cursor used in PCS3PRG1
    • there's only one
    • for the transaction table
  37. 2 parts that make up a host variable
    • length field
    • text field
  38. what are the host variables prefixed with so the precompiler knows they are indeed a host variable?
    :   colon
  39. T/F - To process a sales transaction we need to "fetch" the current sales amount first?
    • false
    • update will do it automatically for you
  40. How many different types of SQL UPDATES were done in PCS3PRG1
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