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  1. record time when you arrive at work (usually at a machine);
    clock on/in
  2. record time when you leave work (usually at a machine)
    clock off
  3. spend time away from work
    take time off
  4. change the time of sth so that it happens earlier
    bring sth forward
  5. not have enough of sth
    be pressed for
  6. continue doing sth in a determined way
    press on
  7. find time to do sth/see sb
    fit in
  8. expire (about a document, eg)
    run out
  9. spend a lot of time (informal)
    hang out
  10. spend a lot of time together because you are good friends (informal)
    knock around together
  11. spend time relaxing because you are waiting for sth or do not have anything special to do
    while away
  12. waste time doing silly things
    muck about
  13. to go with sb who does not want to be with you
    latch on to sb
  14. wait, usually for a short time
    hang on
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