Part 4 Spanish with Ease

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  1. el timbre
    door bell
  2. abrir
    to open
  3. cartero
  4. el pasillo
  5. Passad un momento
    Come in for a moment
  6. esperé en el pasillo
    I waited in the corridor
  7. electricista
    electrician, m/f
  8. he recibido una carta certificada
    I have received a registered letter
  9. ábreme la puerta
    open the door (for me)
  10. firme aquí
    sign here
  11. llaman a la puerta
    someone's knocking at the door
  12. se dice que tiene dos mujeres
    he is said to have two wives
  13. se come bien aquí
    one eats well here
  14. se dicen tantas cosas
    so many things are said
  15. están recién cogidas
    they are recently picked
  16. recién llegamos
    we just arrived
  17. acabamos de llegar
    we just arrived
  18. los recién llegados
    the recently arrived, newcomers
  19. usted ha visto
    you have seen
  20. las nubes iban ocultando el cielo
    • the clouds were slowly hiding the sky
    • ir + gerundive indicates progression
  21. el hombre contaba las ovejas que iban pasando
    • the man was counting the sheep that went by (one by one).
    • ir + gerundive indicates a series of actions
  22. anduvo buscando todo el día
    • he went on looking all day
    • andar + gerundive indicates prolonged action
  23. vendrá cargado
    will come loaded (with luggage)
  24. quieres que te acompañe?
    you want me to accompany you?
  25. voy a peinarme
    I am going to comb my hair
  26. pesan demasiado
    they weigh too much
  27. me decía que tenía intención de...
    (he/she) told me that he/she had intention to...
  28. el autobús te dejará a la puerta de la casa
    the bus will leave you at the door of the house
  29. antes de ayer, había mucha circulación
    the day before yesterday, there was a lot of traffic
  30. la hemos ayudado los cuatro
    all four of us have helped her
  31. yo hago
    I do/I make
  32. yo hacía
    I was doing/making
  33. yo haré
    I will do/make
  34. tengo que vestirme
    I have to get dressed
  35. tengo solamente una maleta
    I only have one suitcase
  36. saldos
    sales, balance
  37. temporada
    season (as in a certain span of time)
  38. inventario
  39. comercio
    trade, shop
  40. rebaja
    reduction, discount
  41. de todas formas
    anyway, in any case
  42. cuidadoso
  43. gastar
    to spend
  44. gastamos
    we spend
  45. presupuesto
  46. previsto
    planned, forcasted
  47. si no nos gastamos todo el presupuesto que hemos previsto
    if we don't spend all the budget we have planned
  48. unas cuantas
    a few.
  49. madera de pino
    pine wood
  50. biblioteca
    library, bookcase
  51. ya no me acordaba
    I forgot already
  52. ciertas zapaterías
    some shoe stores
  53. tomaremos las vacaciones fuera de temporada
    we will take our vacation out of season
  54. hoy me he levantado pronto
    today I got up early
  55. todos los sitios
    all the places
  56. necesito pasearme
    I need to walk

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