Geography Keywords

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  1. globalisation
    The process of integration across world-space arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture
  2. global shift
    The global scale relocation of different type of industrial activity, especially manufacturing industries. As well as redrawing world economic map; global shift has brought about social, political and environmental changes.
  3. TNCs
    Are companies which operate in several countries around the world.
  4. Global Village
    The world considered as a single community linked by telecommunications.
  5. Migration
    Movement from one country or region to another.
  6. Immigration
    Movement of people into a country
  7. Emmigration
    Movement of people outside a country or region
  8. Interdependence
    A relationship where countries are mutually dependent on one another
  9. Interconnectness
    Two countries are together in an area of interest.
  10. Primary sector
    An industry involved in the extraction and collection of natural resources, such as copper and timber, as well as by activities such as farming and fishing.
  11. Secondary industry
    The industrial sector of an economy that is dominated by the manufacture of finished products.
  12. Tertiary industry
    A industry based on services such as retail and banking.
  13. Quaternary industry
    The use of modern technology in research and development to train and provide information to other industries.
  14. Shrinking world/ time space- compression
    thanks to technology, distant places start to feel closer and take less time to reach.
  15. cultural heterogenisation
    Cutural Heterogeneity is how relatively dissimilar one group of people are from another group's beliefs and ideas.
  16. cultural  homogenisation
    refers to the reduction incultural diversity through the popularization and diffusion of a wide array of cultural symbols — not only physical objects but customs, ideas and value
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