Ch 18 Blood 1

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  1. •consists
    of the heart, blood vessels, and blood
    Circulatory system
  2. •refers
    only to the heart and blood vessels
    Cardiovascular system
  3. The study of blood
  4. Functions of the Circulatory system
    • Transport
    • •O2, CO2, nutrients, wastes, hormones, and stem cells

    • Protection
    • •Inflammation, limit spread of infection, destroy microorganisms and cancer cells, neutralize toxins, and initiate clotting

    • Regulation
    • •Fluid balance, stabilizes pH of ECF, and temperature control
  5. How many leters of blood do adults have
    4 to 6 L
  6. Matrix of blood. Is clear, light yellow fluid
  7. Blood cells and cell fragments.
    (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets). Are what?
    Formed elements
  8. What are the 7 formed elements
    • 1. Erythrocytes (RBCs) 
    • 2. Platelets 
    • 3. Neutrophils (granulocyte) 
    • 4. Eosinophils (granulocyte) 
    • 5. Basophils (granulocyte) 
    • 6. Lymphocytes (agranulocyte) 
    • 7. Monocytes (agranulocyte)
  9. Name the 5 kinds of leukocytes
    • 1. Neutrophils (granulocyte) 
    • 2. Eosinophils (granulocyte) 
    • 3. Basophils (granulocyte) 
    • 4. Lymphocytes (agranulocyte) 
    • 5. Monocytes (agranulocyte)
  10. Name the three Granulocytes
    • 1. Neutrophils (granulocyte)
    • 2. Eosinophils (granulocyte) 
    • 3. Basophils (granulocyte)
  11. Name the 2 Agranulocytes
    • 1. Lymphocytes (agranulocyte) 
    • 2. Monocytes (agranulocyte)
  12. The Values of centrifuged blood
  13. Are the heaviest and settle first in the hematocrit and are 37% to 52% total volume
  14. Is 1% total volume is the buffy coat
    White blood cells and platelets
  15. Is the remainder of volume of hematocrit is 47% to 63%. Is a complex mixture of water, proteins, nutrients, electrolytes, nitrogenous wastes, hormones and gases
  16. Plasma is the liquid portion of blood. What is the remaining fluid when blood clots and the solids are removed?
    Serum is identical to plama except for the absence of fibrinogen
  17. What are the three major categories of plasma proteins?
    • 1. Albumins 
    • 2. Globulins
    • 3. Fibrinogen
  18. Is the smallest and most abundant of plasma proteins. Contributes to viscosity and osmolarity; influence blood pressure, flow, and fluid balance
  19. (antibodies) provide immune system functions 
    Alpha, beta, and gamma _______? What plasma protein?
  20. Precursor of fibrin threads that help form blood clots is a plasma protein
  21. Where are plasma proteins formed and what is the exception?
    • •formed by liver
    • –Except globulins (produced by
    • plasma cells)

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