Latin 21

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  1. casa, -ae
    [f] house, cottage, hut
  2. causa, -ae
    [f] cause, reason, case, situation
  3. fenestra, -ae
    [f] window
  4. finis, finis
    [m] end, limit, boundary, purpose
  5. gens, gentis
    [f] clan, race, nation, people
  6. mundus, -i
    [m] world, universe
  7. navis, navis
    [f] ship, boat
  8. salus, salutis
    [f] health, safety, greeting
  9. Troia, -ae
    [f] Troy
  10. vicinus, -i
    [m] neighbor
  11. vicina, -ae
    [f] neighbor
  12. vulgus, -i
    [n] the common people, mob, rabble
  13. asper, aspera, asperum
    rough, harsh
  14. atque/ac
    and, and also, and even
  15. iterum
    again, a second time
  16. contineo, continere, continui, contentum
    to hold together, contain, keep, enclose, restrain
  17. iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum
    to bid, order, command
  18. laboro (1)
    to labor, be in distress
  19. rapio, rapere, rapui, raptum
    to seize, snatch, carry away
  20. relinquo, relinquere, relinqui, relictum
    to leave behind, leave, abandon, desert
  21. scio, scire, scivi, scitum
    to know
  22. tango, tangere, tetigi, tactum
    to touch
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