Special Senses: Topic 5

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  1. Simplest receptors and common in epithelial tissue. Responsible for sensation of itching
    Free Nerve Endings
  2. Small, oval masses of flattened connective tissue cells in sheaths.
    Meissner's Corpuscles
  3. 2 or more sensory fibers branch into each capsule and end within it as tiny knobs
    Meissner's Corpuscles
  4. Relatively large, ellipsoidal structures composed  of connective tissue fibers and cells
    Pacinian Corpuscles
  5. Common in deeper dermal tissues of: hands, feet, breast, tendons, ligaments, etc.
    Pacinian Corpuscles
  6. Associated with changes at body surface. Includes senses of touch, pressure, temp, and pain
    Exteroceptive Senses
  7. Associated with changes in viscera
    Visceroceptive Senses
  8. Associated with changes in muscles and tendons and body position
    Proprioceptive Senses
  9. Most sensitive to temps between 10-20. Temps below 10 stimulate pain receptors, producing freezing sensation
    Cold Receptor
  10. Most sensitive to temps above 25 and become unresponsive at temps above 45. Cause burning sensation
    Warm Receptor
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