Special Senses: Topic 6,9

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  1. Sense odors
    Olfactory Receptor Cells
  2. Structures that lie on either side of the crista galli of ethmoid bone
    Olfactory Bulbs
  3. In olfactory bulbs, sensory impulses are analyzed and as a result, additional impulses travel along ______ _______ to brain center
    Olfactory Tracts
  4. Connected structures in brain that produce emotional feelings
    Limbic System
  5. Outer layer of cerebrum
    Cerebral Cortex
  6. Myelinated, conduct nerve impluses rapidly at velocities of 30m per second
    Acute Pain Fibers
  7. Associated with sharp pain and seldom continues pain after pain producing stimulus stops
    Acute Pain Fibers
  8. Unmyelinated, conducts impulses more slowly at velocities up to 2m per second
    Chronic Pain Fibers
  9. These impulses cause dull, aching pain sensation that may be difficult to pin point
    Chronic Pain Fibers
  10. Pain that feels as if it's coming from some other body part other then the part that's being stimulated
    Visceral Pain
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