Tb112 foam tender

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  1. How much class "a" foam
    200 gallons
  2. How much class "B" foam
    1000 gal
  3. A ___ cubic foot per minute air compressor used for either the compressed air ___ ___ or ___ ___ such as those used by USAR apparatus
    400,  foam system,  pneumatic tools
  4. How many pounds of dry chem. ( purple K)
    Total 700lbs (2-350lbs systems)
  5. The Foam Tender relies on _______ for its water supply.
    Independent pumping apparatus
  6. When practical, the Foam Tender should
    be supplied by up to __ pumping
  7. When supplied by an
    adequate water service, the Foam
    Tender will flow ____ gallons per
    minute from various monitors and
    discharge outlets.
  8. top mounted front monitor flows up to ____ gallons per minute
  9. top mounted REAR monitor flowing up to ____ gallons per minute.
  10. The passenger and driver side discharge flows up to ___  gallons per minute.
    each a piece
  11. The rear discharge flowing up to ____ gallons per minute.
  12. INCOMING water pressure is controlled by a pre-set relief valve that automatically discharges excess water pressure (over ___ PSI) to the ground.
  13. A Hale adjustable relief valve allows the operator to control DISCHARGE
    pressure between __ to ___ PSI
    30-250 psi
  14. The class "A" foam system ranges from __% to __%
    • .3%
    • 1% (2000gpm@ 1%)
  15. The Class “A” foam system is
    capable of pumping __ gallons of concentrate per minute.
  16. A ___-foot hose reel used to transfer Class “A” concentrate to other apparatus.
  17. Class "B" system automatically balances and proportions the foam solution ranging from _% to __%
    1% to 10%
  18. The system accurately proportions concentrate into the water stream at operating pressures of __ to ___ PSI.
    70 to 250
  19. The Class “B”
    concentrate pump can pump ___ gallons per minute.
  20. The Department provides Class “B” ____ ____ foam.
    3% AR-AFFF
  21. AR-AFFF are effective on fires involving water-soluble ___ ___ (i.e.
    methanol, alcohol, acetone, etc.) as well as water-insoluble ______ fires
    (i.e. gasoline, fuel oils, etc.).
    • Polar solvents
    • hydrocarbon fires
  22. Located
    next to each 350-pound dry chemical container is a ___ cubic foot Nitrogen cylinder used to pressurize the dry chemical system.
  23. The dry chemical system can be discharged through the front monitor’s ____nozzle or through either of the “____” hand line nozzles, preconnected to the __foot chemical hose reels provided on either side of the apparatus.
    • Hydro-Chem nozzle
    • Williams 
    • 150ft
  24. Purple K" dry chemical agent contains specially processed ____ ____.
    Potassium bicarbonate
  25. The benefit that the “Hydro-Chem” nozzle provides is "Purple K" dry chemical injection in the foam/water stream (__ lb./sec.), thus carrying the "Purple K” greater distances.
  26. The Foam Tender’s electronically controlled rear monitor can be equipped with one of the following tips that are provided with the apparatus:
    An Akron #3489 2-1/2” smooth bore tip (flow up to 250' flowing 200gpm) best use with air

    Akron # 5078 Akromatic 2000 electronic spray tip: (can be controlled by remote control

    Williams “Hydro-Foam” spray tip: should be used only if malfunction
  27. absorption Booms are to be used in
    controlling ____ ____ spills and can absorb up to __ times their weight. 
    Large hydrocarbon, 25
  28. The Foam Tender hose compliment includes __ feet of __” hose located in the transverse hose bed. 
    400 of 1 1/2
  29. Engineers should supply the Foam Tender with a minimum of __ 4” supply lines. 
  30. The required flow pressure is __ PSI, in _____, to the inlets of the Foam
    100, volume
  31. The Foam Tender’s monitors have an effective reach of ___ feet (with CAFS) without wind influence. 
  32. The Foam Tender’s master stream output is far more than __ Triples with their wagon batteries flowing. 
  33. Akron smooth bore tip gpm
    • 116psi
    • 104psi
    • 94psi
    • 89
    • 66
    • 46
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