Day 21

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  1. abundance
    n. large number, profusion, plenty bounty  풍부한
  2. adaptability
    n. ability to change, changeability, flexibility                          적응성, 융통성
  3. arrest
    v. seize, apprehend, capture     체포하다
  4. assigned
    adj. specified, designated, appointed   정해진

    In June of 1942, J. Robert Oppenheimer was given the assigned task of designing the atomic bomb.
  5. be at odds with
    phr. disagree with          ~와 불화하다

    Alice is at oddd with her teacher over her grade on the paper.  
  6.  curiously
    adv. surprisingly                    신기하게도, 기묘하게도
  7. dense
    adj. thick, heavy             짙은
  8. deploy
    v. set up, distribute, position, arrange  (전략적으로) 배치하다

    Military forces are currently deployed on the India-Pakistan border.
  9. discreet
    adj. judicious, prudent, sensible   분별력 있는, 신중한, 조심스럽게

    After Hal and Tom exchanged greetings, Hal made a discreet inquiry about Tom's journey.
  10. entire
    adj. whole, complete, total              전체의
  11. evident
    adj. obvious, apparent, manifest plain, clear  분명한, 눈에뛰는
  12. extensive
    adj. wide, far-reaching, broad commodious 넒은

    The new park covers an extensive area.
  13. extinguish (2)
    v. 1. put out, qeunch        (불을) 끄다

    Special chemicals have been designed to extinguish forest fires.

    v. 2. abolish, destroy         소멸시키다

    Scientists believe that a giant meteor once extinguished almost all life on Earth.
  14. feeble
    adj. week, delicate, fragile      연약한

    Wanda was in feeble health and totally unfit for active service.
  15. flavor (2)
    n. 1. nature, character       특징

    Settle by immigrant groups, the neighborhood had an ethnic flavor.

    n. 2. savor, taste, relish           맛, 풍미
  16. fragmentary
    adj. incomplete, partial, fractional  단편적인, 부분적인

    The trauma victim had only fragmentary memories of the accident.
  17. in charge of
    phr. resposible for                 ~에 책임이 있는

    Allison was left in charge of her younger sibling whenever her mother and father went out to dinner alone.
  18. minor
    adj. less important, secondary, subordinate  중요치 않은
  19. parcel out
    phr. administer, deal out, distribute, divide  분할(분배)하다, 나누다

    It is always Terri's father's job to parcel out the gifts to her family on Christmas morning.
  20. percieve
    v. see, discern, notice, apprehend, recognize  알아차리다, 감지(인지)하다
  21. piece
    n. 1. fragment, shard, segment    조각

    v. 2. join, combine, unite    잇다, 접합하다

    Alex slowly pieced the broken vase back together.
  22. pledge
    n. promise, oath, vow, swear      맹세

    a pledge of allegiance to the flag
  23. portray
    v. depict, picture, describe          묘사하다
  24. project
    n. 1. plan, scheme                    계획

    v. 2. protrude, extend, jut          돌출하다

    The sailors found something strange projecting from the surface of Lake Michigan.
  25. region
    n. area, domain, tract, expanse          지역
  26. safe
    adj. secure, protected               안전한
  27. search
    v. comb, scour, seek, explore       탐색하다, 조사하다
  28. seethe
    v. boil, fume, rage          (화가 나서) 속이 끓다, 부글거리다

    The Israeli government is seething with anger towards Palestine due to recent events.
  29. shortcoming
    n. disadvantage, defect, failing       결점, 단점

    The inspection revealed some serious shortcoming in our safety procedures.
  30. special
    adj. express, particular, especial   특별한
  31. survey
    v. examine, inspect, scrutinize    조사하다, 검사
  32. temperament
    n. disposition, temper, nature,      성질,기질

    Football players often have excitable temperaments.
  33. tool
    n. implement, instrument, utensil   도구
  34. uninitiated
    ajd. inexperienced, unfamiliar     미숙한

    To the uninitiated spectator, rugby can look just like a lot of overweight men wrestling in the mud.
  35. vanish
    v. disappear, fade            사라지다
  36. vile
    adj. wicked           (비격) 사악한, 극도로 불쾌한
  37. worldly
    adj. mundane, earthly, secular    세속적인
  38. wreck
    v. destroy, devastate, ruin      파괴하다

    The ship was almost wrecked by the heavy storm.
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