Golden Sheets set 4 (#76-100)

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  1. What are the 3 total body radiation syndrome doses?
    • Hematopoietic syndrome (100-1000cGy total body dose)
    • Gastrointestinal syndrome (1000-10,000cGy total body dose)
    • Cerebrovascular syndrome (more than 10,000cGy)
  2. What is a primary barrier?
    Barrier in which the primary beam of the treatment machine falls
  3. What is the secondary barrier?
    The barrier in which the secondary beam will fall on.  Still needs to be shielded the same as the primary barrier for protection against secondary radiation and/or leakage
  4. What is the histology of the prostate?
    Most are adenocarcinoma
  5. What is Bremsstrahlung?
    • German term for "braking radiation"
    •  The electromagnetic radiation that is produced by an electrically charged subatomic particle such as an electron when it is suddenly slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus
  6. What is the range of white blood cells?
  7. What is the range for platelets
    • 200,000 - 500,000
    • (severely low is less than 20,000)
  8. What is the range for red blood cells
    • men 14-18
    • women 12-16
    • children 12-14
  9. What is ionization?
    • production of ions.
    • A process in which an atom or molecule loses or gains electrons, acquiring an electric charge or charging an existing charge
  10. The suprasternal notch is at what level?
  11. Define Multi-centric
    Have more than one center; appear to represent separate tumors
  12. Define Hyperplasia
    • increased proliferation of cells;
    • Enlargement caused by increased cells;
    • unusual growth in a part of the body, caused by an excessive multiplication of cells
  13. Is high LET or low LET more damaging?
    high LET
  14. What is horner's syndrome?
    • a rare disorder that occurs when certain nerves that travel from your brain to your eyes & face is damaged.
    • Signs are epislateral miosis (contracted pupil(; ptosis (drooping eyelid); enophthalmos (recission eyeball into orbit); bone erosion of ribs and vertebrae
  15. An AP orthogonal film was shown and asked what is being treated
  16. Which is the most common breast cancer?
    invasive ductal carcinoma
  17. What happens if lasers are misaligned?
    complete miss
  18. ______________ are used for intraoperative therapy. Why?
    a mobetron or intrabeam system
  19. Put skin reactions in order
    A) dry desquamation
    B) erythema
    C) moist desquamation
    erythema, dry desquamation, moist desquamation
  20. Be able to pick out sterile procedures
  21. The table still moves after you let go of the pendant, what is the error?
    short circuit
  22. Be able to identify of an x-ray image of the skull the sella turnica
  23. A beta particle consist of?
    An electron emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive atom
  24. What causes spinal cord compression?
  25. What is the Karnofsky scale and how does it aid?
    • allows patients to be classified as to their functional impairment
    • 100 is normal ------------ 0 is dead
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Golden Sheets set 4 (#76-100)
Golden sheets set 4 (#76-100)
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