GCSE LEDC Flooding Case Study -1998 Bangladesh Flood

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  1. What year was the Bangladesh Flood?
  2. In which 2 months did this occur?
    July/August 1998
  3. Stat time, What % of the country was flooded?
  4. How long was the country flooded for?
    Over 70 days
  5. Deaths?
    2000 deaths
  6. How many homes were destroyed?
    7 million homes were destroyed
  7. How many people were made homeless?
    25m people were made homeless
  8. What were the causes?
    Bangladesh is a very flat country with 3/4 of the country being around 10m above sea level
  9. Causes?
    1000mm fell in July & the 3 major rivers in Bangladesh broke their banks
  10. Name those 3 major rivers please that broke their banks after 1000mm of rainwater fell?
    River Ganges, Meghna & Brahmaputra
  11. What problem did massive deforestation in Bangladesh cause?
    The rapid deforestation in Bangladesh caused rapid overland flow flow and a higher peak discharge and smaller lag times
  12. Flood protection?
    Bangladesh is an LEDC so minimal, embankments or levees are poorly maintained & some collapsed
  13. Positive effects of flooding in Bangladesh?
    It's essential every year to maintain crops & distribute slit across the fields, although
  14. What % of the country was submerged?
    70% of Bangladesh was submerged
  15. Name 3 negative effects
    • Drinking supply contaminated...led to diseases ect
    • Electricity supply was cut-off
    • Shortages of food&medicine
  16. What was the estimated cost of the floods?
    It was predicted that the floods would cost $1.5b, this put the country's development back 10 years!
  17. How does Bangladesh cope from flooding?
    • Some houses are built on stilts
    • Hundreds of embankments
    • Warning systems + shelters
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