Golden Sheets set 6 (#126-150)

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  1. What is the dose for treating the prostate?
    • 72-80Gy
    • nodal doses 45-50Gy
    • seminal vesicles 54-56Gy
  2. What is the nasopharynx borders?
    • **Superior-2cm beyond the tumor including the base of skull and sphenoid sinus
    • **Posterior - 2cm of margin beyond mastoid process
    • **Anterior - posterior third of the maxillary sinus and nasal cavity
    • **Inferior- Thyroid notch
  3. Where does prostate cancer metastasis to first?
    • Bone (typically the femur or hip)
    • Liver
    • Brain
    • It mets via blood
  4. What do you include in the treatment field with soft tissue sarcoma?
    leave a strip of muscle so lymph fluid can drain
  5. What is the most common histology of breast cancer
    infiltrating ductal carcinoma
  6. Define step & shoot
    • gantry goes to an angle delivers radiation, and then repeats at various angles.
    • It can be IMRT or 3D
  7. Where is the pituitary gland located?
    the sella tursica of the sphenoid bone
  8. If the patient falls, list in order what to do
    • help the patient to the floor
    • get the doctor to check patient
    • write up incident report
  9. Isotope

    What's the same?

    What is different?
    same: atomic number

    different: number of nuetrons
  10. What is the curative dose for bladder cancer?
    • 45 to 50Gy at 180cGy a day
    • Smaller boost up to 6500cGy
  11. Put linac parts in order from target down
    target - bending magnet - primary collimator - flattening filter - scattering foils - ion chamber - field light - range finder - collimator - isocenter
  12. Define: Stridor
    • noisy breathing
    • "creaking or grating noise"
  13. What is angina?
    • chest pains
    • a medical condition in which lack of blood to the heart causes severe chest pains
  14. Define leukoplakia
    • small white patches -
    • a precancerous condition that is seen as small thickened white patches, usually inside the mouth or vulva
  15. What is methotrexate?
    • anti-cancer drugs. A drug that inhibits cellular reproduction.
    • Used to treat certain types of cancer of the breast, skin, head & neck or lung
  16. Define anaplastic
    cells divide rapidly but do not bear any resemblance to the normal cells, (structure or function)

    loss of differentiation
  17. At what level does the carina bifurcate?
    • T5; the trachea begins at the inferior border of the larynx and continues to the level of the thoracic vertebrae 5 where is bifurcates.
    • This bifurcation is called the carina
  18. Define Lhermittes syndrome
    electrical impulses that runs down the arm
  19. Be able to list 4 foods on a low residue diet
  20. Most common symptoms of pituitary cancer is
  21. What is the vertebral level of the iliac crest
  22. What is the treatment for ALL leukemia
    • Total Body Irradiation (TBI) doses are 1200 cGy in 3 days
    • Chemo: Prednisone, Vincristine, L-Aspaginase
    • Bone Marrow Transplant
  23. What is the purpose of RT after cancerous kidney is removed?
    to kill off any cancer cells that were missed before they start regrowing
  24. Which energy is represented on the EM spectrum?
    A) Gamma Ray
    B) Neutrons
    C) Alpha particles
    A) Gamma Rays
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  25. Which 2 cancers would do well with hormone therapy?
    prostate & breast
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Golden Sheets set 6 (#126-150)
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