Golden Sheets Set 8 (#176-200)

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  1. Define: Symptom
    indication of illness felt by patient
  2. Define: infiltration
    accumulation of fluids in tissues
  3. Define extravasion
    administration of medicines in space around infusion sites, either by leakage, previous venipuncture's or mispostioned IV's
  4. Define Myelosuppression
    a decrease in the production of blood cells
  5. Define fomite
    an inanimate object that can transmit infectious organisms  (hands)
  6. Define: Ampulla of Vater
    • AKA: hepatopancreatic ampulla.¬† Forced by the union of the pancreatic duct and the common bile duct.
    • (halfway along the 2nd part of the duodenum)
  7. What causes SVC syndrome?
    Lung (Pancoast tumor)

    SVC is compression of the superior vena cava that causes edema of the face, neck and arms and cyanosis
  8. Most common sinus to get cancer
  9. In Arc-Therapy if the gantry doesn't move, what is wrong?
    it is in the wrong mode
  10. 2/3 of the tongue drains to?
    • submandibular,
    • sub maxillary, and upper jugular nodes
  11. If you let go of the pendant and the table keeps moving, what is wrong?
    short circuit
  12. What is parenteral hyperalimentation?
    Feeding through an IV; artificial supply of nutrients
  13. What type of brain tumor will seed in the spinal column?
  14. What causes electrical impulses down the arm after treatment?
    Lhermitte's syndrome
  15. Hockey stick field, what are you treating?
  16. Microwave, what does it go through?
    A) waveguide
    B) Cylinder
    C) Klystron
    C) Klystron
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  17. What is a late biological effect in Larynx treatment?
  18. A common cancer in children
  19. Ascites is common in what type of cancer?
  20. What is the most sensitive cell cycle?
  21. Note:
    500mSv is the annual dose for the extremity for an occupational worker
  22. When is radiation most harmful?
    A) late stage
    B) fetus
    C) early stage
    B) fetus
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  23. What is needed for stereotactic radiosurgery
    A) small precise collimation
    B) energy over 12 MV
    small precise collimation
  24. Why take pictures of set up?
    A) help with set up verifications
    B) post pics to internet
    help set up verifications
  25. How to lower/reduce dose in brachytherapy to occupational worker
    A) distance
    B) move quickly to get job done
    C) shield
    D) something about after loading
    • A,B & C
    • time, distance & shielding
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