Golden sheet set 10 (#226-250)

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  1. ___________ breaks down sugars for energy
  2. Why is bladder cancer treated with an empty bladder?
    to shrink the filed size and encompass the entire bladder
  3. What is tamoxifen used for?
    early stage and metastatic breast cancer (it works against estrogen)
  4. A patient is irradiated over most of his skeleton what is likely to happen?
  5. What is the orthovoltage dose in mSv?
    500mSv (50rem or 0.5sv)
  6. Where so leiomyocarcomas arise from?
    smooth muscles and vascular systems
  7. If you want more detail on a CT scan, what should you do?
    raise the density, make thinner slices and raise contrast
  8. What are the structures of concern when treating the pancreas?
    kidney, liver, stomach and small bowel
  9. Lymphatic drainage of the breast is primary to the?
    Axillary nodes, supraclavicular nodes and internal mammary nodes
  10. Where does the prostate drain to?
    internal iliacs
  11. What should you consider when making immobilization devices for ct?
    make sure it fits (comfort) and be able to repeat the set up (reproducibility)
  12. List in order the greatest to least radiosensitive organs?

    kidney - brain - lens - vagina
    lens, kidney, brain, vagina
  13. What is the best way to diagnose pancreatic cancer?
    spiral ct of the abdomen
  14. Where is the pituitary gland is located?
    inside the sella turcica at the base of the brain
  15. Where is the Waldeyer's ring located?
    located in the pharynx at the back of the oral cavity
  16. Where are the fornicles located?
    on the sides of the cervix
  17. What are the sinuses below the orbits?
    Maxillary sinus
  18. What are common factors of nasopharyngeal cancer?
    • Epstein barr virus
    • Alcohol
  19. Ampula of vater aka: _________________ associated with ____________
    • hematopancreatic duct
    • associated with pancreas
  20. Define Hypotension
    low blood pressure
  21. Patient shift question says something like:
    Dr would like to extend the superior border by 2cm while keeping the inferior border the same. Patient is supine head first. Assuming you do not have asymmetrical jaws, how would you accomplish this?
    open jaws 1cm in superior and inferior direction and shift patient 1cm
  22. Define Hypertension
    high blood pressure
  23. 1 had a question about the ampulla of vater (aka hematopancreatic duct). I don't know the specific question but just know it is associated with the pancreas at the very least.  It is used by the union of the pancreatic duct and common bile duct and is located at the major duodenal papilla
  24. What do you do if you have a problem doing a QA?
    call physics
  25. Treating a patient without consent can be considered
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