Golden sheets set 11 (251-275)

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  1. Moh's is used for ___________ cancer
    skin cancer (non-melanoma's)
  2. What do you do when you find out someone is operating with a fake license
    contact arrt
  3. Know sanctuary sites for leukemia
  4. What quadrant is the spleen in
    Left upper quadrant
  5. What artery directly arises from the aorta
    Pulmonary arteries
  6. If a patient is immunosuppressed, what type of isolation
    reversed isolation
  7. Wilms tumor present with what symptoms
    painless abdominal mass
  8. Why do you angle for a supraclav field?
    so there is no hot-spot on the tangent
  9. What are tumors that arise from mesenchymal
  10. When treating 5000 cGy to the parotid, what side effect could occur?
  11. If the temperature is high, what can it effect?
    dose and dose rate
  12. Which chemo drug is cardio toxic
    deoxyrubin or adriamycin
  13. What cancer is most likely to metastasis to both sides of the neck
    base of the tongue, nasopharynx
  14. How do you get rid of a radioactive source?
    Dispose of it somewhere in your department until it decays
  15. If you are treating a patient and notice that the wedge is put in wrong.  What do you do?
    stop the beam, and physics would have to recalculate
  16. What is Strontium 90?
    Strontium 90 is a beta emitter, used for the eye.  Usually 3-5 treatments.
  17. What is Strontium 89?
    Strontium 89 is a systemic treatment given for bone mets. 

    Injected it helps patients who have wide spread bone mets
  18. What do lasers cause the most damage to?
    the retina
  19. What is the most common site of spread of laryngeal cancer?
    subdigastric nodes
  20. What is the most common condition associated with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
    Barrett's esophagus
  21. What is the most radiosensitive tissue?
    bone marrow
  22. What are the most sensitive blood cells in the body?
  23. The compensating filter is made for the patient but the doc decides to move iso 3cm.
    What do you do?
    you move the patient and make a new compensating filter
  24. What is the most common histology for prostate cancer?
  25. What is the most common histology of lung cancer
    squamous cell
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