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  1. What is the most common histology for the brain?
  2. What is the most common histology for bladder cancer?
    transitional cell
  3. Which is more radiosensitive : bone or muscle
  4. What is the worst type of seizure?
  5. What is tachycardia?
    fast heart rate
  6. What is the most common interaction in CT scans?
  7. What is the most hazardous material in cerrobend blocks?
  8. What is the largest adult lymph tissue?
  9. Popiteal lymphs are where in relation to the patella
    behind the knee, posterior to the patella
  10. What type of billing would you use for contrast?
  11. What system does metastasis generally travel through for blood?
    most blood borne metastasis go through the venous system
  12. What is the cell sensitivity for the most radiosensitive to the least radiosensitive
    white blood cells, neutrophils, red blood cells, platelets
  13. What could be effected if you treat the fundus of the uterus?
    ovaries, colon & bladder
  14. If you are a retired therapist can you still work as a sonographer?
    no- you have to go back active before you can treat
  15. What is the range for a ct scanner?
    100-50 kEv
  16. What is mexthotrexate most often used for?
    lymphomas and breast
  17. What cancer has the shortest latency period?
  18. How does barometric pressure and temperature affect output?
    it can effect the dose reading of the ion chamber
  19. What organ does blood go through before getting into the inferior vena cava?
  20. What are the homogeneity factors?
    values for each type of tissue - tissue equivalency.

    Air is negative - structures are dense
  21. If your using the hand pendant and the table keeps moving after you let go, what is wrong
    short circuit
  22. Otitis media is a presenting symptom in
  23. Will you have more divergence in a larger filed or an irregular field?
    Irregular field
  24. If you have an unresectable non small cell tumor, what would be the dose?
    55 to 60 Gy
  25. What is the thickness of an electron block?
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