Golden Sheets set 13 (#301-325)

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  1. What tumor causes shoulder pain that radiates down the arm and causes atrophy of the hand muscles?
    pancoast tumors
  2. What is the Karnofsky's scale used for?
    it is used to rate a patients performance status and can be used to evaluate their status after a procedure

    100 is normal------0 is dead
  3. List most sensitive to least sensitive -
    gonads; ureters; bladder; uterus
    gonads, bladder, uterus, ureters
  4. How does basal cancer spread?
    almost never metastasize but can to the skin & bone
  5. Which of these would do well with hormone treatment: prostate; breast; testes; ovaries
    prostate & breast
  6. Where would the lower lobe of the lung drain to?
    drains back to the hilum - or can drain back to the celiac axis
  7. Who regulates radioactive materials?
  8. What type of cancer involves the true vocal cord?
    laryngeal cancer of the glottis
  9. What is a common treatment for esophageal cancer?
  10. What type of cancer is not caused by occupational exposure to carcinogens?
    Leukemia's, Lymphoma's .....etc
  11. What is the most common lung cancer?
    NSCLC - non small cell lung cancer
  12. Does half life increase, decrease or stay the same as the source decays?
    stays the same
  13. Which organ drains to the Para aortic nodes?
  14. What is Leukocytosis?
    raised white blood cells count
  15. What syndrome is associated with esophageal cancer?
    Plummer Vinson syndrome
  16. What is the order of lymph node drainage for a seminoma?
  17. What do you use when doing intraoperative XRT?
    a mobitron intrabeam or an intrabeam system
  18. Which portion of the colon is near the fundus of the uterus?
    The sigmoid colon
  19. What type of cancer would represent a dot on a ct scan above the femoral heads
    rectum or bladder
  20. An AP film of the pelvis is good for interpretation of all the following except?
    R/L; S/I; In/out; AP
  21. What would block neutrons?
    need a waxy substance, concrete
  22. What 2 have uniform lymph spread?
    seminoma, hodgkins
  23. List blood cells from most sensitive to least senistive
    crypt cells, endothelial cells, parenchymal cells, erythrocytes
  24. What is the most common cancer in children?
  25. What cancer is the hockey stick field used for?
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