Golden Sheets set 14 (#326-350)

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  1. What side effect is the latest side effect after radiation?
  2. What is the order of parts inside the treatment machine?
    Gantry, electron gun, waveguide, bending magnet, target, collimator & jaws
  3. What does the nasopharynx drain too?
    retropharyngeal nodes to superior jugular to posterior cervical to lateral retropharyngeal nodes
  4. What is considered a low residue diet?
    soft foods and low fats
  5. What is workload and use factor used for?
  6. What type of cancer is the lower esophagus?
  7. What is considered to be a sterile procedure?
    catherization, etc....
  8. What is it called when a doctor surgically opens and inserts something into the patient? (terminology)
  9. What kind of blood test is used to test how many white blood cells there are?
    • CBC
    • (Tasha's notes say WBC, however CBC also has the WBC included)
  10. What are the most hazardous materials in blocks?
    cadmium and lead
  11. How far does an electron block have to be from the skin surface?
  12. What is Agenesis?
    absence or incomplete development of an organ
  13. What is the TD 5/5 of the heart that causes pericarditis?
  14. What is the minimum energy necessary for pair production?
    1.02 MV
  15. How would a patient receive an exogenous disease or infection
    vector - fomite - parasite - host
  16. What is the most common site of occurrence for an astrocytoma?
    cerebral hemisphere
  17. Where is the pyriform sinus located?
    located in the hypopharynx - lies between the throat & the esophagus
  18. Ascites is common in what type of cancer?
  19. Why is shielding used for nasal carcinoma
    to protect then lens of the eye and inside the nostrils
  20. What is cachexia
    syndrome of progressive weight loss, fatigue, muscle atrophy, weakness
  21. What is SCV syndrome? What type of tumor causes it?
    compression of the superior vena cava that causes edema in face, neck and arms & cyanosis
  22. Why give external radiation with internal brachytherapy for treating a cervix
    medically inoperable patients will receive tandem & ovoids, and to go after lymph nodes
  23. What is the order of lymph node drainage for a seminoma?
  24. Does half life increase, decrease or stay the same as the source decays
    stays the same
  25. What is the most common brain tumor in children
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