October Revolution

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  1. Name 3 reasons why revelation now would be a good idea
    • Army was very dissatisfied& full of Bolshevik support
    • Provisional government was divided& ineffective
    • Peasants believed in the Bolsheviks
  2. Details?
    Quite simple, Lennin gathered support& stormed the palace overthrowing the provisional government
  3. So, the Bolsheviks are in control, what were their 3 main decrees?
    • Peace Decree - end war with Germany.
    • Land decree - Land from state -> peasants
    • Workers' decree - Max 8hr working day
  4. Briefly explain the details of the treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
    To get Russia out of the war, Germany was kicking Russia's ass so they were firm negotiators....lots a lot of land and industry
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