Human Rep System (terminology) (male)

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  1. gametogonia
    diploid primary germ cells
  2. Zygote
    Fertilized ovum
  3. amphimixis
    mixing of two sets of chromosomes
  4. Blastocyst
    single layered hollow form of zygote after mitosis
  5. Gastrula
    stage after blastocyst with three primary germ layers
  6. Parturition
    Childbirth (280 days after fertilization)
  7. hydrocoel
    tissue fluid filling scrotal sac
  8. gubernaculum
    holds testes in position along with spermatic cord
  9. inguinal canal
    canal through which testes descends into extra-abdominal scrotum shortly after parturition
  10. tunica albuginia
    white fibrous capsule covering testes. produced as fibrous septa inside testes
  11. testicular lobules
    cobntains 1-3 seminiferous tubules. also called crypts
  12. vaginal coelom
    cavity of scrotal sac
  13. tunica vaginalis
    peritoneal layer of flat cells covering tunica albuginia
  14. imagine testes
    Image Upload
  15. lining of seminiferous tubules
    germinal epithelium
  16. types of cells forming germ. epith. in seminif. tubules
    • spermatogenic
    • sertoli
  17. germ/spermatogenic cells
    form motile spermatozoa
  18. sertoli
    provide nutrition to developing sperms
  19. Leydig's Cells
    Secrete androgens (testosterone)
  20. Parts of Epididymis
    • caput epid./globus major
    • corpus epid./globus normal
    • cauda epid./globus minor
  21. ductuli efferentes
    fine ciliated ductules of rete testis which send sperm to Caput epid.
  22. Epididymis (func)
    • Storage
    • physiological maturation
    • nutrition
    • also moves sperms through peristaltic contractions
  23. ampulla
    dilated part of vas deferens that joins to form the urethal duct with accessory glands
  24. parts of urinogenital canal (urethra)
    • prostatic part
    • membranous part
    • penile part
    • urethral maetus (tip)
  25. erectile tissues of penis + their nature
    • corpora cavernosa - 2,posterior,yellow,fibrous,ligamentous
    • corpus spongiosum - 1,anterior,highly vascular,spongy
  26. prepuce
    retractile skin fold covering glans penis
  27. seminal vesicles
    elongated sacculated glands who's secretion forms 60% semen.(fructose,citrate,proteins,prostglandans) activates spermatozoa nd stimulate vaginal contractions
  28. Prostate Gland
    large lobulated gland. 30%. activates sprms, provides nutrition nd neutralises acidity of urine.
  29. Cowper's glands
    pea sized tubulo-alveolar gland. secretes mucus like substance that lubricates the penis
  30. secretion of accesory glands (male) collectively called
    seminal plasma
  31. testosterone (func nd source)
    • Growth nd maintenance of secondary sex organs.
    • Leydig's Cells
  32. FSH
    stimulate primary sex organs (interstitial cells, seminiferous tubles)
  33. proteins secreted by Sertoli cells
    • Androgen Binding Protein (ABP)-increases conc of testosterone in semin. tub.
    • Inhibin protein- inhibits GnRH in hypothalamus nd FSH in pituitary
  34. spermatogenesis(def)
    it is the formation of haploid, functional spermatozoa from diploid reproductive cells, spermatogonia, present in testes.
  35. testicular cycle
    in some animals testes descend down the abdomen only at specific times, thus the male becomes sexually active
  36. when does testes of human descend down the inguinal canal?
    during seventh month of development under stimulation of FSH of adenohypophysis
  37. Major phases of spermatogenesis
    • Formation of Spermatid
    • Spermiogenesis
  38. gonocytes
    primordial germ cells which forms spermatogonia
  39. Imagine Spermatogenesis
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  40. spermatocytogenesis
    spermatogonium increases in size by accumulation of nutritive material(from grmnl cell),replicates DNA and frms diploid primary spermatocyte.
  41. spermiogenesis/spermioteliosis
    transformation of haploid, rounded, non-motile spermatid into a functional, motile spermatozoan.
  42. spermiation
    release of mature spermatozoa in the lumen of seminiferous tubules
  43. Two types of sperm in Human male
    • Gynosperm (XX)
    • Androsperm (XY)
  44. acrosome
    formed from a part of a Golgi body of spermatid. Secretes lytic enzyme called hyaluronidase.
  45. galea
    acrosome and anterior part of nucleus is covered with this fibrilar seath
  46. Chemical composition of sperm nucleus
    deoxyribonucleoprotein(DNA+basic proteins)
  47. nebenkern
    mitochondrial spiral around proximal part of axoneme.
  48. manchette
    sheath covering posterior nucleus, neck nd middle piece of sperm.
  49. axoneme
    axial filament. central, contractile, microtubular part of sperm tail.
  50. end piece (sperm)
    sometimes the distal part of the axoneme is uncovered...
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