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  1. Where are pancoast tumors located?
    apex of lung
  2. What is the most common brain tumor in children?
  3. What is the brain tumor that seeds down into the spinal cord?
  4. Is high LET or low LET more damaging?
    high LET
  5. If the table still moves after you let go of the pendant, what could be wrong?
    short circuit
  6. Do you bill contrast as simple or complex?
  7. Which foods are high is protein?
    A) fish & eggs
    B) fruits & vegetables
    C) ? & beans
    • A & C
    • fish, eggs, beans & ?
  8. What is a constant error in treatment called?
  9. What 2 structures are important are important when making a face mask?
    nose & chin
  10. What is the proper method for collecting a urine specimen to determine if someone has an UTI?
    clean catch / mid stream
  11. Why is the gantry 10-15 degrees on a super-clav?
    to protect the cord and the esophagus
  12. Half Value Layer:
    Assume the HVL of some material is 3mm.
    How much material is needed to reduce the beam intensity to 12.5% of its orginal?
  13. Body mechanics question.
    You are shown 4 pictures of a man lifting a box. You have to pick out the correct one
  14. An electron block must be _____cm away from the patients skin
  15. Which chemo drug is cardiotoxic?
    deoxyrubicin (same as Adriamycin but the boards will use deoxyrubicin)
  16. When treating the parotid gland with standard fractionation to 5000 cGy what is most likely to occur?
  17. Be able to pick out a hyperfractionated schedule of treatment out of 4 listed
  18. If you needed to look up what chemicals were in a product in your department it would be best to check the ____________
    MSDS - material safety data sheets
  19. Placing an immobilization device on a patient without consent can be considered:
  20. What cant you determine from an AP port film?
    anterior/posterior shift
  21. What is not acceptable way to get rid of a radioactive source?
    Putting it in a steel container and throwing it out with the other garbage
  22. What is the order of the cell cycle?
    prophase - metaphase - anaphase - telophase
  23. What would cause angina?
    blood clots, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, pericarditis, a panic attack, a lung infection
  24. How often must a leak test be performed
    every 6 months
  25. What is hyperalimentation?
    artificial supply of nutrients
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