SK3 SAP Questions

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  1. What is the micro-purchase threshold?
    $3K or less (SAP 1-1)
  2. Any question regarding procurement, making purchases, vendors, quotes, what manual do I refer to?
    • SAP
    • Standardized Acquisition Procedure.
  3. How many quotes does one need for a purchase under $3,000?
    • SAP 1-2 & 1-3
  4. How many quotes do I need for purchases over the micro-purchase threshold ($3,000)?
    • SAP 1-2 & 1-3
  5. Service contracts over ___________  need ________ quotes?
    • $2,500 (which is the micro-purchase threshold for service purchases) 
  6. 3 quotes are needed for construction contracts over how much?
    • $2,000
    • SAP 1-2 &  1-3
  7. Where can I find the SOS (source of supple) priority list?
    SAP 2-1
  8. Where can i find SOS priority when procurement of services?
    SAP 2-1
  9. What is the primary source of excess property used by the USCG?
    DRMO & GSA
  10. USCG tax exempt number can be found where? What is the keyword search?
    What is the Tax Exempt Number?
    • SAP chapter 3 or 4
    • Keyword Search: tax exempt; tax exempt number

  11. What is the tax exempt form?
  12. Where can I find the responsibilities for the card holder? AO? COCO?
    SAP Chp. 5
  13. If you lose your purchase card card or convenience check what is the first thing you should do?
    Contact the AO
  14. Questions regarding soliciting quotes can be found where?
    SAP chp. 7
  15. What forms can be used for a written request for a quote?

    What is the keyword search?
    SF-1449 or SF-18

    Keyword search: 1449; SF-1449
  16. In evaluating price reasonableness, when comparing prices to a previous purchase, what is the max amount of months one ought to use in making the evaluation?
    6 months
  17. What are the document numbers for purchase orders?
    SF-1449 or SF-347
  18. What is the advantage to a P.O. vs P-Card?
    A PO when issued is a bilateral document, provides legal rights to government if vendor fails to perform.
  19. Where can I find guidance on how to prepare a P.O. document?
    SAP Chapter 12
  20. What must accompany a PR if the SOS is the only vendor that can supply the item or service?
    Sole Source Justification form
  21. What document do you use to request most type of purchases?
    a PR Form or a DHS 700-20
  22. Once an order is placed, the next step is to do what?
    Log the order into FPD
  23. Failure of the AO (approving official) to submit a SOAs w/in 7-days may result in ___________ or ____________ of the P-Card.

    What type of question is this?
    deactivation or cancellation

    This question is a P-Card holder responsibility question.  This question relates to who is responsible for what.
  24. The P-Card account holder is held personally liable to the government for the amount of any non-approved purchase?

    What type of question is this?
    Where can I find the answer in the SAP?

    • True
    • This is a responsibility question found in Chapter 5 of the SAP
  25. How many days does the p-card holder have to dispute a charge?

    Keyword search and where?
    60 days

    • This is a purchase card questions.  The answer is in the SAP 
    • Keyword search: dispute
  26. What is a BPA?
    Where can I find information on this?
    • BPA - Blanket Purchase Order.
    • This is used when you have to continue to purchase something from a SOS/Vender that is the only one that produces the item/service and/or can provide the item/service within the timeframe needed.

    Info on BPA can be found in the SAP
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