Muscles: Topic 5,6

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  1. Adenosine Triphosphate
  2. Molecule in muscle that stores energy
    Creatine Phosphate
  3. Oxygen storing pigment in muscle tissue
  4. Organic compound formed from pyruvic acid during the anaerobic reactions of cellular respiration
    Lactic Acid Threshold
  5. Amount of oxygen required by muscle cells after exercise to restore levels of glucose, ATP, and creatine phosphate
    Oxygen Debt
  6. 4 Causes of Muscle Fatigue:
    • 1. Decreased blood flow
    • 2. Ion imbalance
    • 3. Loss of desire to exercise
    • 4. Muscle exercised persistently for prolonged period
  7. Stimulation level that must be reached to elecit an action potential in a neuron or muscle fiber
    Threshold Stimulus
  8. Brief contraction of a muscle fiber followed by relaxation
  9. Time between the application of a stimulus and the beginning of a response in a muscle fiber
    Latent Period
  10. Increased force of contraction by a skeletal muscle fiber when a twitch occurs before the previous twitch relaxes
  11. Continuous, forceful contraction with little or no relaxation
    Tetanic Contraction
  12. Increase in number of motor units taking part in a muscle contraction
  13. Ongoing contraction of some fibers in otherwise resting skeletal muscle
    Muscle Tone
  14. Contraction that shortens a muscle
    Concentric Contractions
  15. Lengthening contraction in which the force in a muscle is less than that required to move a object
    Eccentric Contractions
  16. Contraction that doesn't change muscle length
  17. Solution with the same osmotic pressure as body fluids
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