Ch 15 Words Part 2

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  1. adenopathy/adenosis
    glandular disease
  2. adenocarcinoma
    malignant tumor arising from epithelial tissue to form a glandular or glandlike pattern of cells
  3. adenoma
    benign tumor of glandular cells
  4. adrenalitis
    inflammation of the adrenal gland
  5. adrenomegaly
    enlargement of both adrenal glands
  6. cretinism
    thyroid glands inability to produce normal levels of gH at birth
  7. Cushing Syndrome
    excessive secretion of cortisol by the adrenal cortex which affects many organs
  8. Diabetes insipidus
    • hyposecretion of ADH by pituitary
    • DI
  9. Diabetes mellitus
    • result of resistance of body cells to insulin, or a deficiency or complete lack of insulin production by cells of the pancreas
    • DM
  10. diabetic nephropathy
    kidney damage due to unmanaged diabetes
  11. diabetic retinopathy
    damage to eyes
  12. endocrinopathy
    disease of the en endocrine system
  13. hyperadrenalism
    excessive activity of one or more adrenal glands
  14. hypoadrenalsm
    abnormally low activity of one or more adrenal glands
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