American Politics Quiz (1)

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  1. What is conservatism?
    Supports the status quo and advocates change only in moderation.
  2. Two principles of conservatism
    • -Small government 
    • -Values past and tradition
  3. Two Conservatives
    • - Ronald Reagan 
    • - George W. Bush
  4. What is liberalism?
    The belief that it is the duty of government to create a more equitable society.
  5. Two principles of liberalism
    • -Big government 
    • -Tries to make society equal
  6. Name five American politicians on the left including one radical.
    Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, J.F.K, Obama, Jesse Jackson (Radical)
  7. Name five American politicians on the right including one radical.
    Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George W. Bush, Pat Robertson (Radical)
  8. Who is the "gold standard" for Democrats since 1960? What term is used to describe his legacy? Why? Name two things that happened during his presidency.
    • -John F. Kennedy
    • -Camelot (American Royalty) 
    • - Bay of pigs & Berlin Crisis
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