American Politics Quiz (2)

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  1. Whose idea was "The Great Society" and what was its purpose?
    • - Lyndon Johnson
    • - To end poverty and segregation
  2. Who shifted the Republican Party to the right in 1964? Who was in attendance at the convention who later went on to become president?
    • -Barry Goldwater
    • - Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush
  3. Describe the two groups that bring tension in the Republican Party.
    • - Moderates: Those who are both Republican and Democrats; in the middle (John McCain and Richard Nixon) 
    • - Conservatives: slow tension, slow government ( Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush)
  4. What voting group is most important in Republican politics? Explain why.
    - Conservative, because they cared about the economy & they value past and tradition
  5. Describe detente? To which president is the term connected?
    • - Relaxation
    • - Richard Nixon
  6. Name 3 factors that led to the demise of Jimmy Carter's presidency.
    Iran hostage crisis, Soviets invade Afghanistan, College students seize the American Embassy in Tehran and took 54 hostages.
  7. Name two bad things about Ronald Reagan.
    Black Monday & Iran Contra Affair
  8. Name two good things about Ronald Reagan
    The cold war & The gold standard
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