Moral Dilemmas

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  1. How are moral dilemmas delivered to participants?
    • A story is told involving the choice between two courses of action 
    • Both courses involve doing something that could be considered wrong 
    • The participant is given a structured interview based on their reasoning 
    • The P' is scored and categorised, allowing them to be put into a developmental stage
  2. How might the cognitive load of moral dilemmas prove to be an issue?
    • The task of remembering the detail of the dilemma places large demands on the memory of some P's 
    • P's answers might be based on incomplete recollection, reducing the ecological validity of findings
  3. How can moral dilemmas be criticised based on validity?
    • Kohlberg's scenarios were hypothetical meaning real life responses could be different 
    • Responses that indicated higher levels of social reasoning could have come about due to the fact that P's are more educated and can express themselves more effectively
  4. What did Colby find in 1983?
    • Kohlberg's aim was to investigate moral reasoning rather than judgement of right and wrong 
    • The scoring system was revised to take more account into reasoning than judgement
  5. What did Kohlberg find in a later study?
    • 70% of those at the preconventional stage cheated when given the chance
    • 55% would cheat at the conventional stage 
    • Only 15% would cheat at the postconventional stage 
    • This suggests Kohlberg's finding have predictive validity at later stages
  6. How do Moral dilemmas lack in replicability?
    • P's often give long rambling responses that are hard to objectively analyse
    • This means researchers must make subjective decisions
  7. How did Kohlberg increase the reliability of his findings?
    • Through inter rater reliability
    • Kohlberg asked a number of trained researchers to independently rate statements then cross checked for consistency
  8. How might P's reduce the reliability of results?
    • P's give evidence of different stages of reasoning in the same interview 
    • Inconsistent responses calls into question the reliability of the coding
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