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  1. sack

    Song Lin, the scandal-hit chairman of state-owned China Resources, was yesterday sacked for "suspected serious violations of discipline and law violations".
  2. topple
    (使)倒塌; 推翻

    It made him be toppled for corruption.
  3. launder money

    A journalist at a newspaper under Xinhua claimed Song had an affair with Helen Yang Lijuan, who allegedly helped him to launder money.
  4. rebuttal (n)

    Song attempted to fight back with an online rebuttal.
  5. watchdog
    監察委員會; 監察人員

    The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party's anti-graft watchdog, would be investigating the complaint.
  6. graft

    The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party's anti-graft watchdog, would be investigating the complaint.
  7. downfall  (n)
    complete loss of your money, moral standards, social position etc, or the sudden failure of an organization 衰落; 墮落; 垮台

    The downfall of Song was expected
  8. submerged (adj.)
    just under the surface of water or another liquid 在水下的﹐沒入液體中的

    After more than three days of frustration and failure, divers on Sunday finally found a way into a submerged ferry off South Korea’s southern shore
  9. anguished  (adj.)

    Anguished families are furious with the pace of rescue efforts
  10. distraught (adj.)
    so upset and worried that you cannot think clearly 憂心如焚的﹐心神不定的﹐憂慮欲狂的

    Distraught relatives of a ferry victim at his funeral
  11. barricade  (n)
    a temporary wall or fence across a road, door etc that prevents people from going through 〔臨時的〕路障; 街壘

    They shouted as they pushed against a police barricade.
  12. capsized  (v)
    if a boat capsizes or if you capsize it, it turns over in the water (使)〔船〕傾覆

     It capsized within hours of the crew making a distress call to the shore a little before 9am.
  13. listing  (v)
    if a ship lists, it leans to one side 〔船〕傾斜

    By the time the evacuation order was issued, the ship was listing at too steep an angle for many people to escape the tight hallways and stairs inside.
  14. indict (v)
    law especially AmE -to officially charge someone with a criminal offence 【法律﹐尤美】控告; 起訴〔某人〕

    Prosecutors will have 10 days to decide whether to indict the captain and crew, but can request a 10-day extension from the court.
  15. salvage  (v)
    to save something from a situation in which other things have already been damaged, destroyed, or lost 〔在火災﹑洪水等災難中〕搶救出〔某物〕

    Three vessels with cranes arrived at the accident site to prepare to salvage the ferry

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