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  1. What is the most common histology of anal cancer?
    squamous cell carcinoma
  2. What is the most common histology of colon & rectal cancer?
  3. What is the most common histology of cancer in the lung?
    squamous cell carcinoma
  4. What is the most common histology of the pharynx?
    squamous cell carcinoma
  5. What is the most common histology of cancer in the oral cavity?
    squamous cell carcinoma
  6. What is the most common reason to use bolus for photon treatment?
    fill air gaps
  7. What is it called when a person undergoes chemotherapy & radiation therapy at the same time
    concurrent therapy
  8. What is Cisplatin?
    A chemotherapy drug that is a cytotoxic alkylating agent
  9. What are the most common sites of metastasis for bladder?
    lungs, bones & liver
  10. What do you monitor from your visual system?
    anesthesia monitoring equipment, patient orientation
  11. You are treating a prostate. The machine isocenter is 1 cm below the lasers. What happens
    complete miss of the prostate
  12. When billing what is a STD?
    • standard treatment device
    • Ex: rectal balloon
  13. Be able to recognize a neutron detector
  14. What part of the colon lies against the fundus of the uterus?
    sigmoid colon
  15. Calculate 80% isodose line for 12 MeV
    12/3= 4
  16. Why give radiation to a metastatic lesion on a femur
    to relieve pain
  17. What is the purpose of external radiation after a cancerous kidney is removed?
    To make sure if cancer cells were missed they would be killed/treated within the area
  18. What is the most radiosensitive?
    A) ovaries
    B) Bladder
    C) Rectum
    D) prostate
    E) testes
  19. What is a presenting symptom of Wilm's tumor?
    painless abdominal mass; (abd. swelling, abd. mass, abd. pain, fever, blood in urine
  20. What drug so you want to have on hand when doing a CT with contrast?
  21. Leiomyosarcoma is
    A) smooth muscle
    B) connective tissue
    C) rough muscle
    smooth muscle
  22. Which of the following is not a symptom of radiation sickness
    A) anorexia
    B) euphoria
    C) malaise
    D) nausea
  23. How do you measure dose?
    A) ion chambers
    B) diodes
  24. Which cancer does best with hormone therapy?
    breast & prostate
  25. List the flow of electrons in the treatment head?
    target - primary collimator - scattering foil - ion chamber - accessory mount - electron applicator - patient

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Golden sheets set 19 (#451-475)
golden sheets set 19 (#451-475)
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