Golden Sheets set 21 (#501-525)

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  1. Define Pallor
    paleness; an unhealthy looking paleness of complexion
  2. Wedge with imaging a view of a transverse chest/breast and a 45 degree needing to change to better distribution.
    switch to the 30 degree wedge
  3. What plane is perpendicular to long axis
  4. Which chemo drug is cardiotoxic
  5. If field light and field size doesn't match, whats wrong?
    misaligned mirrors
  6. Best treatment for small intestine?

    radiation - surgery - chemotherapy
  7. Which one is squamous cell carcinoma?
    stomach, testes, colon, larynx
  8. Carcinoma insitu and carcinoma.  Whats the difference?

    A) abdominal gland
    B) tumor growth
    Insitu  has an absence of invasion of growth
  9. Interaction: Characteric
    occurs when an incident electron has enough energy to knock out an inner shell electron causing an ionized atom (photoelectric)
  10. Ct question about changing diameter
  11. What care does hospice provide for patients & family
    Family needs (emotional & spiritual) as well as the patients physical needs.

    pain control
  12. Why is a foley cath bag kept below the patients bladder?
    to prevent UTI & to obtain maximum amount
  13. Uterus - Fundus what could be affected by radiation therapy
    A) rectum
    B) bladder
    C) colon
    D) ovaries
  14. Which one is most damaging high let or low let
    high LET
  15. Where do you do CPR compressions?
    lower third of sternum
  16. Which breast cancer has the worst prognosis?
  17. SSD on the right is 78
    SSD on the left is 82.
    Patient is supine head first.
    Midline is at how many cm to the patients right/left?
    20 cm
  18. Patient is lying on their left side with the gantry at 0, what projection is this?
    right lateral
  19. Why would you use Cisplatin during RT?
    It is a radiosensitizer
  20. Which is not a method of biopsy?
    Dilation ; punch; Needle
  21. What is the first thing you do when you see a patient slumped over in a chair?
    check for alertness
  22. What do you do if you notice halfway through the treatment that the wedge is in wrong
    call radiologist oncologist
  23. What can mess up TLD reading?
    standing to close to heat
  24. What is the location of the prostate?
    It sits just below the bladder behind your public bone
  25. What is TAR dependent on?
    Energy & Field Size

    • TAR is directly proportional to FS & energy
    • TAR is indirectly proportional to depth
    • TAR is independent of SSD
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