The Ultimate ACT/SAT Vocab

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  1. Abase
    lower; humiliate
  2. abash
    to embarrass
  3. abate
    to lessen
  4. abominate
    to loathe; hate
  5. abstruse
    profound; difficult to understand
  6. accentuate
    to stress; emphasize
  7. acclivity
    sharp incline of a hill
  8. accolade
    award; honor
  9. accost
    to approach and speak to
  10. acne
  11. adroit
  12. adulate
    to flatter and praise so much it's sickening
  13. adulterate
    to make impure
  14. adumbrate
    to foreshadow by disclosing only partially
  15. adverse
    hostile; opposed; unfavorable
  16. advocate
    to urge; recommend
  17. aesthetic
    artistic; pertaining to a sense of what is beautiful
  18. affected
  19. affinity
  20. affluent
  21. affray
    public brawl
  22. agape
    open mouthed
  23. aghast
  24. agile
    able to move in a quick and easy fashion
  25. alacrity
    cheerful promptness
  26. alias
    a false name
  27. alimentary
    supplying nourishment
  28. allay
    to soothe; to make more bearable
  29. alleged
    stated without proof
  30. alleviate
    to make more bearable
  31. allude
    to refer indirectly
  32. allusion
    a reference to something
  33. altercation
    a violent dispute
  34. amass
    to collect; to get a bunch of
  35. ambulatory
    able to walk
  36. ameliorate
    to improve a bad situation
  37. amity
    peaceful relations; friendship
  38. amnesia
    loss of memory
  39. amok
    freaked out and violently pissed off
  40. amorphous
  41. anthropoid
  42. antipathy
    hatred; aversion; dislike
  43. apathetic
    indifferent; showing lack of interest
  44. apathy
    indifference; lack of interest
  45. apex
    tip; peak; summit; way up there
  46. appease
    to soothe; placate
  47. arbitrary
    chosen at random or without apparent reason
  48. ardor
    heat; passion; zeal
  49. askew
    crooked; off to one side
  50. assuage
    to ease; pacify
  51. astute
    shrewd; wise, observing
  52. attribute
    • n. a characteristic, usually a good one
    • v. to explain by indicating a cause
  53. atypical
    not typical
  54. audacity
  55. august
    majestic; awe-inspiring
  56. austerity
    severity; strictness
  57. averse
    opposed; unwilling
  58. avuncular
    "like an uncle"
  59. awry
    twisted, crooked, askew, wrong
  60. bacchanalian
    orgiastic; like wild drunken revelry
  61. baleful
    something that exerts an evil influence or foreshadows evil
  62. baneful
    something that is poisonous or deadly
  63. barrister
  64. bawdy
    obscene, coarse, humorous
  65. beatific
    displaying or imparting joy
  66. begrudge
    to envy, to resent
  67. beguile
  68. belated
    delayed; late
  69. bellicose
    violent; warlike
  70. benevolent
  71. berate
    to scold severely
  72. bereft
    lacking something needed
  73. betroth
    to become engaged
  74. biennial
    every two years
  75. bland
    not stimulating; dull
  76. blandishment
  77. blighted
    ruined, destroyed, withered
  78. boisterous
  79. bombastic
    grandiloquent (wordy, pompous) in speech or writing
  80. braggadocio
    cockiness, a braggart
  81. brevity
  82. brusque
    brief, curt, gruff
  83. bucolic
    pastoral, typical of farms and rural life
  84. bumptious
  85. burgeon
    to grow; sprout; flourish
  86. burnish
    to polish
  87. cache
    hiding place
  88. cacophonous
    terrible and unpleasant to listen to
  89. cadaver
  90. cajole
    to coax
  91. callous
    unfeeling; unsympathetic
  92. calumniate
    to slander
  93. calumny
    slander; defamation
  94. candor
    frankness; candidness
  95. cantankerous
    ill-natured; quarrelsome
  96. capacious
  97. capitulate
    to surrender
  98. capricious
    unpredictable; follow whim
  99. captious
  100. carrion
    rotting flesh
  101. castigate
    to punish
  102. cathartic
    cleansing; allowing a release of a tension or emotion
  103. caustic
    burning; characterized by a bitter wit
  104. cauterize
    to burn tissue
  105. cavil
    to raise unnecessary or trivial objections
  106. celerity
    swiftness; speed
  107. celibacy
    condition of being celibate
  108. celibate
    without sex; unmarried
  109. censor
    • v. to remove inappropriate stuff
    • n. someone who censors things
  110. censure
    to criticize; blame
  111. cerebration
  112. chagrin
  113. chaos
    state of utter confusion
  114. charlatan
    quack; someone who pretends he's someone he's not
  115. chaste
    pure; unspoiled; virginal
  116. chicanery
  117. chimerical
    far out; bizarre; really heady
  118. choleric
  119. churlish
    boorish; rude
  120. ciliated
    having tiny hairs
  121. circumspect
    prudent; cautious
  122. clemency
    mildness of a temper, especially leniency toward an enemy or in sentencing a criminal
  123. cogent
    clear; logical; well-thought out
  124. cogitate
    to think about deeply and carefully
  125. cognizant
    fully informed and aware; concious
  126. comely
    attractive; agreeable
  127. comestible
  128. commensurate
    to sympathize; be miserable together
  129. comport
    to behave in a particular way
  130. compunction
    strong uneasiness caused by guilt
  131. concupiscence
    sexual desire; lust; sensuality
  132. concurrent
    at the same time
  133. congenital
    existing at birth
  134. conjecture
    statement made without adequate evidence
  135. conjugal
    pertaining to marriage
  136. contort
    twist; bend
  137. contrition
    remorse; repentance; bitter regret felt owing to wrongdoing
  138. controversial
    of, relating to, or causing dispute
  139. convoke
    to call together; to cause to assemble
  140. corp (root)
  141. corporal
    of the body; bodily
  142. corpulent
    obese; having a fat body
  143. corroborate
    to testify in agreement
  144. countermand
    to cancel a command
  145. covert
    concealed; secret
  146. cower
    to quiver; shrink from fear
  147. crass
  148. credulity
  149. crestflallen
  150. crux
    main point; central issue; heart of the matter
  151. cull
    to select; weed out
  152. cupidity
    greed, avarice
  153. dais
    raised platform
  154. daunt
    to intimidate; frighten
  155. dauntless
    bold, unable to be daunted
  156. dearth
  157. debase
    to lower in quantity or value
  158. decoy
    a lure or a bait
  159. defenestration
    the act of throwing something out the window
  160. delude
    to deceive
  161. demivierge
    a person whose sexual activities stop short of intercourse
  162. demur
    to object mildly
  163. demure
    reserved; modest
  164. deplete
    to lessen the supply or content of
  165. depraved
    morally corrupt; debased; perverted
  166. deranged
    having a severe mental disorder; being insane
  167. derogate
    to detract; to take away
  168. descry
    to discern; to catch sight of something that is difficult to catch sight of
  169. desultory
    aimless; disconnected; rambling; haphazard
  170. deter
    to prevent or discourage from happening
  171. devastate
    to ruin by violent action
  172. devoid
    completely lacking, void, empty, without
  173. dexterous
    adroit or skillful in the use of hands or body
  174. diabolical
    fiendish, devilish, nastily scheming
  175. diaphanous
    translucent, gossamer
  176. discern
    to detect by the use of the senses
  177. discord
    lack of harmony
  178. disparage
    to belittle, to reduce in esteem
  179. disseminate
    to dispense objects, such as seeds
  180. distraught
    anxious, worried, distressed
  181. divers
  182. diverse
    distinct, varied, differing
  183. doleful
    sad, mournful
  184. drastic
  185. dynamic
    energetic, vigorous, forceful
  186. ebullient
    bubbly, overflowing with excitement
  187. edify
    to enlighten, educate
  188. educe
    to elicit
  189. efface
    to erase, rub out
  190. effete
    tired, barren, decadent
  191. effigy
    mannequin, usually for symbolic torturing
  192. elation
    exhilaration, joy
  193. emanciated
    excessively thin, weak
  194. emulate
    to imitate closely
  195. epitaph
    memorial text carved on a tombstone
  196. epitome
    something that perfectly represents an entire class of things; embodiment
  197. equestrian
    pertaining to horsemanship, on horseback
  198. equipose
    equality, balance, equilibrium
  199. equivocal
    capable of two interpretations, ambiguous
  200. erode
    to diminish or destroy by small amounts
  201. erudite
  202. eschew
    avoid, shun
  203. esoteric
    known only by a few people
  204. ethereal
    not of the material world
  205. eulogy
    praiseful speech at a funeral
  206. euphemism
    nice way of saying something unpleasant
  207. exact
    to demand
  208. exhume
    to remove from a grave, disinter
  209. exigent
    urgent, requiring immediate attention
  210. fabricate
    to invent or make up something
  211. facet
    side or aspect, face of something
  212. facetious
    joking or jesting
  213. fallacious
    false or wrong, incorrect
  214. fastidious
    careful about details, impossible to satisfy
  215. fatuous
    inane, foolish
  216. fawning
    groveling, overly admiring
  217. feasible
    workable, plausible, possible
  218. fecund
  219. fervor
  220. fetid
  221. fictitious
    false, not genuine
  222. filch
    to steal
  223. flagrant
    deliberately conspicuous, glaring
  224. flaunt
    to show off something
  225. flunctuation
    irregular variation
  226. foible
    weakness, flaw
  227. foment
    to stir up, agitate
  228. forbearance
  229. formication
    spontaneous abnormal sensation of ants or other insects running over the skin
  230. forte
    strong point
  231. frenetic
    frenzied, frantic, freaked out
  232. froward
  233. frugal
    sparing in expense, stingy, miserly
  234. fulminate
    to explode, roar, denounce loudly
  235. futile
    completely ineffective
  236. gainsay
    to deny, dispute
  237. garbled
    screwed up
  238. garrulous
    very talkative, loquacious
  239. genre
  240. germane
    relevant, appropriate
  241. gestate
    to transform and grow
  242. gesticulation
    gesture, signal
  243. gibberish
    rapid, incomprehensible
  244. gibe
    to heckle or mock, to taunt, to pick on
  245. gloaming
  246. gossamer
    light, delicate, or insubstantial
  247. grandiose
    excessively impressive, grand
  248. gratuitous
    unnecessary or unwarranted
  249. gregarious
    friendly, outgoing, sociable
  250. grimace
    • n. a twisted facial expression¬†
    • v. to make a twisted facial expression
  251. grisly
  252. gruesome
    grisly, gory
  253. gruff
    rough or stern in speech or action
  254. gullible
    believing anything
  255. hackneyed
    overused, trite
  256. haggard
    unruly, wild, wasted, worn
  257. hallowed
    holy, sacred
  258. harangue
    mean, nasty, angry speech
  259. harbinger
    forerunner, something that signals the approach of something, an omen
  260. haughty
    proud, vain, arrogant
  261. hedonism
    the philosophy of trying to be happy all the time, one who follows the philosophy of hedonism
  262. heinous
    grossly wicked, vile, odious
  263. hierarchy
    social pecking order
  264. hirsute
  265. hoary
    gray or white from age, old
  266. homily
    sermonlike speech
  267. homonym
    a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning
  268. iconoclast
    destroyer of tradition
  269. ignoble
    not noble
  270. ignominious
    characterized by ignominy
  271. ignominy
    dishonor; disgrace
  272. imbibe
    to drink in; absorb
  273. imbue
    to make wet; to saturate; to inspire
  274. imminent
    about to occur; impending
  275. immutable
    not changeable
  276. impale
    to pierce with a sharp stake or point
  277. impasse
    dead end
  278. impassive
    without emotion
  279. impeccable
    flawless and faultless, not capable of sin
  280. impending
    about to take place
  281. imperious
  282. impropriety
    not proper
  283. impugn
    to attack as false, criticize
  284. impunity
    immunity from punishment
  285. incessant
    nonstop, ceaseless
  286. inchoate
    incomplete, only partly in existence or operation
  287. incite
    to arouse, instigate
  288. incommodious
    lacking space, not commodious
  289. incontrovertible
  290. incubus
    nightmare, mental burden
  291. indolence
  292. indomitable
    unconquerable, impossible to dominate
  293. inept
  294. infer
    to conclude based on facts
  295. ingenious
    original, resourceful
  296. ingenuous
    showing childlike simplicity, innocent
  297. innate
    belonging to someone from birth, inherent
  298. insatiable
    impossible to satisfy
  299. inscrutable
    enigmatic, difficult to understand
  300. insensate
    unconscious, lacking sensation
  301. insidious
    working or spreading stealthily, sneaking inside to do something bad
  302. insipid
    lacking excitement, vapid
  303. intangible
    not perceptible to the touch, impalable
  304. invective
    abusive put-down
  305. invidious
    making people angry, offensive
  306. irascible
    easily provoked, irritable
  307. jaded
    wearied, especially by too much of the good life
  308. jingoism
    extreme patriotism
  309. jocose
    merry, joking
  310. jocular
    jolly, joking
  311. ken
    range of knowledge
  312. kiosk
    pavilion or small open booth where items are bought or sold.
  313. kismet
  314. kleptomaniac
    compulsive stealer
  315. knave
    clever bad guy
  316. knavery
    dishonest, mischievous dealing
  317. lacerate
    to rip, maul, tear, mutilate, or mangle
  318. lackadaisical
    uncaring, lacking in interest or spirit
  319. laconic
    not saying much, brief, terse, succinct
  320. lambaste
    to thrash, maul, beat, whip with big things, to scold sharply or rebuke
  321. languid
    lacking energy, weak
  322. languish
    to lose strength, waste away
  323. languor
    languidness, sluggishness
  324. larceny
  325. lascivious
    lusty, lewd
  326. lassitude
    listlessness, a state of exhaustion or weakness
  327. latent
    potential but not yet displayed
  328. laud
    • v. to praise
    • n. praise
  329. laudatory
  330. lecherous
    lewd, lustful, given to sexual activity
  331. lethal
  332. lethargy
    sluggishness, indifference
  333. lewd
    indecent, obscene
  334. licentious
    immoral, morally wild or sexually unrestrained
  335. limacine
    pertaining to or resembling a slug
  336. lithe
    graceful, supple, limber, moving lightly
  337. loathe
    to hate
  338. lucubration
    hard, scholarly studying
  339. lugubrious
    mournful or sad
  340. macabre
    gross, ghastly, suggestive of horrible death and decay
  341. magnanimous
    noble, generous, forgiving, magnificently kind
  342. malaise
    a feeling of illness or depression
  343. malediction
    a spoken curse
  344. malevolent
    wishing evil onto others
  345. malice
    the desire to do bad things onto others, spite
  346. malign
    to say bad things about others, slander
  347. malignancy
    a malevolent and malicious act
  348. malodorous
    smelling bad
  349. maneuver
    a skillful or clever move
  350. maritime
    near the sea, concerned with shipping or navigation
  351. meander
    to wander around aimlessly
  352. melancholy
    sadness, depression, pensiveness
  353. melliflous
    sweet sounding, flowing with honey or sweetness
  354. mendacious
    lying, untruthful
  355. meticulous
    extremely careful and precise
  356. miasma
    a poisonous atmosphere or cloud
  357. minuscule
    very tiny
  358. misnomer
    an inappropriate or wrong name
  359. mitigate
    to make less severe
  360. modicum
    little bit
  361. monotonous
    always at the same pitch, boring
  362. mordant
    bitingly sarcastic or nasty
  363. morose
    sullen, depressed
  364. myriad
    many, a lot, a very large amount
  365. nadir
    absolutely lowest point
  366. naive
    lacking in wordly wisdom or experience
  367. nascent
    coming into being, emerging
  368. nefarious
  369. neologism
    a newly combined word, phrase, or expression
  370. neophyte
  371. nexus
    bond or link between things
  372. noisome
    offensive, disgusting, filthy, malodorous
  373. nonchalant
    appearing casual, cool, indifferent, chilled out
  374. nonplussed
    perplexed, baffled
  375. notorious
    famous for something bad, infamous
  376. novel
    new, unusual, different
  377. novice
    beginner, person new to something
  378. noxious
    harmful to health or morals
  379. nuance
    subtle variation in color, meaning, or some other quality
  380. obdurate
    hardened against good influence
  381. oblivion
    state of being totally forgotten
  382. obsequious
    fawning, too easily compliant
  383. obsolete
    out of style, outdated
  384. obstreperous
    unruly, defiant, boisterous
  385. obtrude
    to force oneself or one's ideas on others, to extrude, to stick out
  386. obtuse
    stupid, thick-headed
  387. occult
    pertaining to supernatural phenomena
  388. odious
    offensive, hateful
  389. officious
    obnoxious and pushy in giving opinions
  390. ogle
    to stare at
  391. olfactory
    pertaining to the sense of smell
  392. omnipotent
  393. omniscient
  394. onerous
  395. opulent
  396. orifice
    small hole, opening, or vent
  397. oscillate
    to swing back and forth
  398. ostensible
    apparent; seeming
  399. ostentatious
    showy; pretentious
  400. ostracize
    to banish or exclude
  401. overt
    open and observable, not hidden
  402. palatable
    acceptable to the taste
  403. palliate
    to moderate the severity of, abate
  404. pallid
    having an extremely pale complexion
  405. palpable
    capable of being touched or felt
  406. paragon
    model or example of perfection
  407. parch
    to make very dry, especially by heating
  408. parsimonious
  409. pathos
    quality in something that makes you pity it; the feeling of sympathy or pity
  410. paucity
    smallness in number; scarcity
  411. pecuniary
    relating to money
  412. pedagogue
    schoolteacher or educator; boring, dry teacher
  413. pedant
    boring person who knows a lot but has little practical experience; dweeb
  414. pedestrian
    commonplace, ordinary
  415. penchant
    strong liking, inclination
  416. pensive
    engaged in deep, often sad, thought
  417. penurious
    • parsimonious, stingy
    • extremely poor
  418. penury
    poverty; destitution
  419. perfidious
    dishonest (with an evil connotation)
  420. permeable
    capable of being permeated
  421. permeate
    to spread or flow through
  422. perspicacious
    perceptive, understanding
  423. petulant
    unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered
  424. philanthropy
    improvement of the world through charity; love of humanity in general
  425. pillage
    to rob violently
  426. pithy
    concise and meaningful
  427. placate
    to appease, pacify, or calm
  428. placid
    calm, composed, undisturbed
  429. plaintive
    sad, melancholy
  430. plethora
    plenty, excess
  431. plunder
    to rob (usually violently), to pillage
  432. politic
    shrewd, clever
  433. posthumous
    continuing or done after one's death
  434. pragmatic
  435. precipice
    cliff; steep overhang
  436. precocious
    characterized by unusually early development
  437. precursor
    predecessor, what came before
  438. presage
    to give an indication or warning of something that will happen in the future
  439. prevalent
    commonly occurring or existing
  440. prevaricate
    to void the truth; equivocate; lie
  441. proboscis
    long, hollow snout
  442. profuse
    abundant, overflowing
  443. proliferate
    to increase or spread rapidly
  444. prolific
    producing lots of offspring or fruit; fertile; producing lots of work or result
  445. prosaic
    lacking excitement or imagination, dull
  446. puissant
    powerful, mighty
  447. pulverize
    to grind to bits
  448. pusillanimous
    timid, cowardly, wimpy
  449. putrid
    decomposed, foul-smelling
  450. quagmire
    a swamp, difficult situation to get out of
  451. quail
    to draw back in fear
  452. qualm
    doubt, uneasiness, sudden pang of sickness or faintness
  453. qualitative
    having to do with a quality
  454. quantitative
    capable of being expressed as, or having to do with, a number or quantity
  455. quandary
    state of uncertainty, dilemma
  456. quarantine
    isolate because of a disease
  457. queasy
    nauseated, uneasy
  458. querulous
    complaining, peevish
  459. quip
    snappy response
  460. quixotic
    having the same foolish, impractical, romantic idealism as Don Quixote
  461. quorum
    minimum number of people that have to be at a meeting in order for the meeting to be oficial
  462. rampage
    • course of wild behavior
    • to move wildly
  463. rampant
  464. rant
    to rave; speak widly
  465. rapacious
    plundering, ravenous,greedy
  466. rapprochement
  467. ratiocination
    logical, methodical thinking
  468. rationalize
    to make rational; justify
  469. ravage
  470. ravenous
  471. raze
    to tear down, demolish
  472. realm
  473. recalcitrant
  474. recapitulate
    to repeat or state again in a form that is more laconic and much briefer than the manner in which it was initially stated
  475. reciprocal
  476. recondite
    abstruse, profound
  477. rectify
    to correct, set right
  478. recumbent
    lying down
  479. redolent
  480. redoubtable
    frighteningly awe-inspiring, formidable
  481. redress
    to set right, remedy, compensate
  482. redundant
    repetitious, done over and over many times; repeatedly repetitive
  483. refractory
    disobedient; stubborn
  484. refulgent
    shining; radiant
  485. refute
    to disaprove
  486. reiterate
    to repeat
  487. relevant
    having significant importance
  488. remorse
    bitter regret; guilt
  489. renascent
    coming into being again
  490. reticent
    silent; restrained in behavior
  491. retrograde
    moving backward to an earlier, usually inferior, position
  492. rob
    to filch, pilfer, loot, purloin, peculate
  493. ruddy
    having a healthy, reddish color
  494. ruminate
    to think a lot about; cogitate
  495. saga
    long adventure story
  496. sagacious
  497. salacious
    lecherous; erotically stimulating
  498. sanguine
    reddish, blood-colored
  499. scanty
    insufficient; small
  500. scrunity
    inspection, study, careful searching
  501. sedate
    to soothe, calm, or tranquilize
  502. sedative
    something, usually a drug, that sedates
  503. sedition
    conduct or language inciting rebellion against authority
  504. sequester
    to separate, set apart, isolate
  505. servile
    humbly yielding; submissive
  506. shiftless
    lazy; showing lack of motivation, incompetent
  507. simultaneous
    happening at the same time
  508. sinister
    foreboding of evil
  509. skeptical
    doubting, disbelieving
  510. sloth
    indolence, inactivity
  511. slovenly
    messy; characteristic of a slob
  512. somber
    dark, dull, gloomy
  513. soporific
  514. sparse
    thinly spread or distributed, not crowded
  515. stagnant
    not moving or flowing, motionless, stationary
  516. stagnate
    to be stagnant
  517. static
    having no motion, at rest
  518. steadfast
    fixed or unchanging
  519. stolid
    showing little emotion or pain
  520. submission
    the act of yielding to the authority of another
  521. subvert
    to overthrow or undermine the power of
  522. succulent
    juicy, interesting
  523. suffrage
    right to vote, franchise
  524. summon
    to call forth or together
  525. supercilious
    haughty, conceited, disdainful
  526. superfluous
    beyond what's necessary, extra
  527. superlative
    most, of the highest order, surpassing all others
  528. supersede
    to take the place of
  529. surreptitious
    done clandestinely (secretly) or by stealth
  530. swindle
    to cheat or defraud
  531. sychophant
    servile person who follows and flatters another person in hope of winning favor
  532. synthetic
    not real, man-made, fabricated
  533. table
    to remove from consideration
  534. taciturn
    untalkative, uncommunicative
  535. tangible
    existing materially, palpable, able to be touched
  536. temerity
    recklessness, wild craziness, lack of regard for danger
  537. temperate
    showing self restraint by not doing things to excess
  538. tempestuous
    stormy, turbulent
  539. tenacity
    persistence, tending to hold on firmly
  540. tenet
    principle or doctrine
  541. tepid
    lukewarm, somewhat warm
  542. terse
  543. thwart
    to prevent from taking place, challenge
  544. tirade
    long and vehement speech
  545. torrid
    parched by the sun, hot, burning
  546. trepidation
    fear, state of anxiety or fear that makes you tremble
  547. truncate
    to shorten by chopping off the end
  548. ubiquitous
    being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time
  549. unassuming
    modest, not pretentious
  550. unawares
    by surprise, unexpectedly
  551. uncouth
    unrefined, awkward
  552. unruly
    difficult to govern, impossible to discipline
  553. unscrupulous
    unprincipled, lacking ethical values
  554. unwitting
    unaware, not knowing
  555. upshot
    outcome, result
  556. usurp
    to illegally seize power or rights from another
  557. usury
    lending of money at outrageously high interest, loan sharking
  558. vacillate
    to waver from one side to the other
  559. vacuity
    emptiness, vacuum
  560. vainglorious
    vain, boastful
  561. valor
    courage, bravery
  562. vehement
    with ardor, energetically or violently forceful
  563. verbose
    excessively wordy
  564. vex
    to irritate or bother
  565. vexation
    the act of vexing
  566. vilify
    to slander, defame
  567. vindicate
    to clear or blame or suspicious
  568. vindictive
  569. vivacious
    animated, full of energy
  570. vociferous
    obnoxiously loud
  571. voluble
    fluent in speech (someone who talks too much)
  572. voracious
    eager to consume mounds of food
  573. wanton
    immoral, unchaste, cruel
  574. whim
    capricious, freakish idea
  575. wily
  576. zany
    crazy, insane
  577. zeal
  578. zealous
    full of zeal
  579. zenith
    peak, summit
  580. zest
    gusto, happy and vivacious enjoyment
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