Golden Sheets set 22 (#526-550)

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  1. What is PDD dependant on?
    field size, energy & ssd

    • PDD is directly proportional to field size, energy & ssd
    • PDD is inversely proportional to depth
  2. The cells at the center of the tumor tend to be
  3. When a field size changed during the course of treatment which is true:
    A) treatment dose must change
    B) physician must include changes on prescription
    C) the mu or time must be recalculated
    all of the above
  4. what is grading used for?
    • to indicate degree of differentiation
    • (cell differentiation)
  5. What is a constant error in treatment called?
  6. Half does it: stay the same; increase; decrease
    as the source decays
    Stays the same (it is a constant value)
  7. Suprasternal notch is at what vertebral level?
  8. How thick of a block is needed for electron blocks?
    1-2 cm
  9. Which brain tumor mets to the spine
    Medulloblastoma (seeds)
  10. When a patient gets a new field, what is the best way to keep record
    Take pics of field drawn out
  11. List Lhermittes syndrome symptoms
    Electric shocks down the back & limbs, especially when the patient tilts his head forward

    **This is a sign for laryngeal cancer**
  12. Understand elapsed days.....
    the first day of treatment is day zero
  13. D-max
    • 4mv: 1.0cm
    • 6mv: 1.5cm
    • 10mv: 2.0 cm or 2.5cm
    • 18mv: 3.5 cm
  14. What is the most sensitive cell cycle?
    M phase
  15. What do you do if the video goes out
    don't treat
  16. How do you get dose from a TLD?
    Heat it & measure the light given off by the LiFl crystals  as a reference of how much radiation was received
  17. What hazardous material is used in cerrobend blocks?
    Cadmium & Lead
  18. Why would you treat bladder cancer with an empty bladder?
    To reduce the size of the bladder & keep the field as small as possible
  19. What is a beam spoiler used for?
    Reduce depth of D-max
  20. What is the best way to diagnosis a brain tumor
    MRI (better with soft tissue)
  21. You are treating with 9MeV electrons 1cm bolus
    Where is the location of 100% of the dose
  22. Which is not a method of IMRT?
    cone beam; IMRT, step & shoot, 3D conformal
    cone beam
  23. What is the lung density compared to water
    0.25 - 0.33
  24. Best way to determine that a patient went into cardiac arrest
    chest pain - shortness of breath - pallor - no pulse
    no pulse
  25. What is the lymph drainage of the Larynx?
    subdigastric & submaxillary
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