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  1. What are considered the endocrine portions of the pancreas?
    Islets of Langerhans
  2. Most common sign of oral cavity cancer?
    swelling or ulcer that fails to heal
  3. If your field size gets smaller, what would happen to your mu's
    decrease (less scatter)
  4. What is pair production?
    occurs at high energies 1.022 MeV and higher.  The incident photon passes close to the nucleus of the atom. When the photon interacts with the EM field of the nucleus, it is absorbed and instantly the energy is re-emitted as an electron positron pair which is then ejected from the atom, each equaling .55 MeV
  5. What is characteric radiation?
    When an electron drops down to fill a vacant hold in the electron shell, it loses some of its energy in the process.  The lost energy usually appear as characteric radiation. We usually see this in photoelectric scattering
  6. What factors should be considered when making immobilization devices
    Beam orientation, area of malignancy, gantry clearance, patient condition
  7. What kind of treatment do you give for a low grade glioma?
    Gross tumor resection (GTR) followed by observation; if tumor progresses XRT 50-55Gy
  8. How does barometric pressure/humidity and temperature affect ion chamber?
    it effects the ion chamber accuracy
  9. If a patient presents with swollen eyelids and distended veins in his chest, what is this a sign of
    SVC syndrome?
  10. What keeps the CT scanner spinning
    slip ring
  11. Haw many HVL's for 5%
  12. 5
  13. which food are high in protien
    fish, eggs, peas & beans
  14. Define Pneumothorax
    The thoracic wall is punctured, atmospheric air may entered the pleural cavity and create a space
  15. What is atelectasis?
    The result of a pneumothorax?

    Collapsed Lung
  16. Describe Lymphadenopathy
    enlargement of axillary lymph nodes

    arm edema
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