Hume Philosophy

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  1. Empericists
    • Emphasize experience (inductive) 
    • True knowledge is based on experience (like Mill)
  2. Skeptic
    skeptical of traditional view of reason (and absolute grasp)
  3. Epistemology (study of knowledge)
    • 1. Relations of Ideas - necessarily true (ie math and possibly logic)
    • 2. Matters of Fact and Existence - not necessarily true (ie everything else)
  4. Matters of Fact and Existence

    2 types of perceptions
    • 1. Impressions - more lively (first)
    • ie seeing a red shirt
    • 2. Ideas - less lively (second), are copies of impressions. 
    • ie remembering red shirts
  5. Natural Moral Instinct
    We have a moral sense (like touch, sight, etc_ so will get the feeling when we see something happening and know if it's right or wrong

    • Agreeable feeling = good
    • Disagreeable feeling = bad
  6. A note on Natural Moral Instinct
    We can also be desensitized or born with out it (ie psychopaths or people who see bad things over and over again)
  7. 2 Key Concepts
    • 1. Useful
    • 2. Agreeable*
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